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Grid Squares are being used more and more by Radio Amateurs throughout the world to identify the location of their stations. First proposed at a conference in Maidenhead, England in 1980 (and hence sometimes called Maidenhead Locators), grid squares allow three levels of precision (two, four or six character) to define a station's latitude and longitude. As will be seen by the world map on the below, the world is divided into a grid of squares that are ten degrees of latitude high by twenty degrees of longitude wide. Each square is identified by a diferent two-letter code.

The easiest way to find out your own Grid Locator is by using one of the following resources:

  • Amsat Grid Conversion Page An online resource on the Amsat website that will convert Latitude/Longitude to Grid, and from Grid back to Latitude/Longitude again.

  • WinGrid Ver3.6 This program calculates grid squares from latitudes and longitudes, the reverse, and calculates distances and headings from two sets of lat/long or grid squares. The program saves your home QTH information, converts from miles to kilometers, and allows switching between "DD MM SS" and "DD.ddddd" formats.

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