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And for this their prayer hath Allah rewarded them with gardens, with rivers flowing underneath, their eternal home. Such is the recompense of those who do good. [Holy Quran 5.85]

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An Obituary About Shaik Shamsudeen Makki Haji (Rahimahullah)

AlHaj Shaikh Shamsudeen Makki

Alhaj M.S. Shaik ShamSudeen Makki

Born: 19th March 1929

Died: 11th February 2007, (Aged 78)


Haji M.S. Shaik Shamsundeen Makki, the grand son of Hassan Naina Aalim and the son of Haji Hafil A.S.Mohideen Sadakathullah Aalim.


Haji M.S. Shaik Shamsudeen Makki was born on the 19th March, 1929 (Hijri 1347, Shawwal 4th) in the village of Kayalpattinam, Tuticorin District. Despite having lost his father at a young age of 13, he managed to tide over the problems and odds to accommodate himself in a clerical job in a leather tannery (Momsallah Haji & Co) at Poonamallee in Chennai foregoing higher studies.

As time ripened for nuptial accord, he got married to his maternal uncle's daughter O.V.Ahmed Meera Nachi at the age of 26 in the year 1955.


He waved across ocean and landed in the town of Jaffna (Ceylon). He worked in LKS Gold House in Jaffna for more than 15 years - retiring as the head-cashier cum accountant.

The thrust for entrepreneurship drove him back to India in the year 1963. He used his skills to open the doors of fortune and eventually decided to test the waters in the field of Real Estate Management and Rent Collection Services. This empowered him to have a smooth sail till his last Journey.

Hard work, dedication, accountability and reliability are the key elements of his successful business career. In this process of maintaining, contracting and renting out estates, he did also manage to market few products like ghee and coir mat - earning the nickname "Neykadai Hajiar".

He was trustworthy under all circumstances. As businessman, he was extraordinary. As a man he was pure and simple, a man of integrity - with an endearing personality.


As he was deprived of education, he stood behind many children of his family and other kayalites as their guardian and well-wisher. Makki Hajiar, took a serious note and concern of the children in acquiring knowledge and discipline in reputed schools and colleges. Moreover, he was instrumental in producing many professionals and businessmen from Kayalpattinam. His true spirit towards Islam could vividly be seen on many occasions. He would be strict towards youngsters when they fail to strictly observe the principles, discipline and the code of conduct of shariat.

Thirukkural - 382


a) Prayer (Salah)

For nearly more than four decades, he was prompt in attending to the call for 5 times prayer. His affinity towards masjid, his preparations and cleanliness to prayer, his walk towards masjid - armed with an umbrella in one hand and string beeds (Thasbeeh) on the other hand, encomposing vigour and spirit like a warrior to a battle front - was well noted by the locals and neighbors for decades.

In addition to adherence to the obligatory (Fardh) prayers, he would also worship individually at wee hours of midnight like "Thahajjud" (Predawn Prayer), and other (Sunnath & Nafil) prayers regularly un interrupted till his last days.

Recitation of Holy Qur'an was one of his greatest passions. He motivated others in reading and understanding the Holy Qur'an as well.

(b) Fasting (Soum)

His notable activity apart from prayers and recitation of Quran is fasting. He normally would observe fasting for 3 days (Ayyamul beed i.e. the 13th 14th 15th day of the Islamic lunar month) during all months of the year including the Holy month of Ramdhan. These additional days of fastings reinforced his purification of mind and body from crave and desperation for deep economic prosperity.

He lived a most contented, composed and composite life. His life was an illustration of the fact that this world is ephemeral, misery and illusion have never been able to alter his spectrum of strong faith / emaan and spiritual dignity. Unsurprisingly, this noble way of fasting has physically enabled him to be active, vibrant and healthy without administering medicine or to bed ridden for diseases until his last breath. Except for a few ailments, Masha Allah, he was healthy till his end. Truly, that was his prayer too!

(c) WealthTax & Charity / (Zakaath & Sadaqa)

Zakaath and Sadaqa are the rituals that purifies one's wealth, mind and soul. "Makki Hajiar" practiced this act/amal very seriously and he stood as a role model. He was a prompt payer of Zakaath and Sadaqa which eventually benefited the members of the family, downtrodden and needy of the deprived class of society.

He carved himself to stay away from the dreadful clutches of Riba (Usury). He fought against the evils of usury in any form.

Dress Code

For several decades he was following the same and simple dress code i.e., Wearing the white jubba and white lungi. It shall be noted that white is synonymous with purity and cleanliness.

His another notable quality was saying salam at the first instance itself to whoever he meets - whether known or unknown.

His another good quality was to be not choosy about food - to him any Halal food was good enough; He would sleep on any bed, work in any place.

Passing Away

Haji M.S. Shaik Shamsudeen Makki, passed away peacefully at his Chennai residence at 3.00 AM on Sunday, 11th February 2007 (Hijri 1428, Muharram 22). Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajioon!

He is survived by his wife Ahmed Meera Nachi, sons Uwaisna Labbai and Sadaqathullah, and daughter Aysha. His funeral (Janaaza) prayer was conducted by his elder son Haji Uwaisna Labbai at Masjid Mamoor, Chennai after Asar prayer on the same day. Large number of people attended the funeral prayer. Around 5PM, his body was burried nearby his father Haji Hafil A.S.Mohideen Sadakathullah Aalim (Died: 18th June 1944) at Dasthagir Appa Burial ground in Ice House, Chennai.

May Almighty Allah give him the greatest of rewards, the "Jannathul Firdous" the ultimate Paradise. Aameen!

Parents are a special gift from God, so love and cherish them! Forever and Always In your heart.

Tomb-stone Of My Grand Father Hafil A.S.Mohideen Sadakathullah Aalim (Rahimahullah)

My Grand Father Haji Hafil A.S.Mohideen Sadakathullah Aalim (Died: Sunday, 18th June 1944 - Hijri 1363, Jamaathul Akhir 26 - Age: 57) buried at Dasthagir Appa Burial Ground in Ice House, Chennai.

Receiving is enjoyable but donating is great

The deeds of a great man are followed by other people,
The high standards he sets by exemplary acts, the world pursues.
- Bhagavadgita 3.21

Unless there is individual transformation
there will be no Universal Transformation.
Now we need a revolution, not for changing others,
but to change ourselves.

Every successful person has a painful story.
Every painful story has a successful ending.
Accept the pain and get ready for success.

Happy moments, PRAISE GOD.
Difficult moments, SEEK GOD.
Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD.
Painful moments, TRUST GOD.
Every moments, THANK GOD.

Kayalpatnam Thulir Auditorium in memory of my beloved father Makki Shaik Shamsudeen

Thulir Auditorium in Kayalpatnam was dedicated to the memory of my late father Makki Shaik Shamsudeen Haji

by PMS Suhail
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