I Protest Against Disrespect Of Our Beloved Prophet 
Muhammad (pbuh)

Abusive Film Against Our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prince of Arcot slams film, physical attacks: The Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, on Saturday (15/09/2012) strongly condemned the American film denigrating the holy Prophet.

Such provocations deeply hurt Muslim sentiments. "This is not the first time mischief-mongers in the western world have sought to create international unrest, involving Muslims through the misuse of the freedom of expression," he said in a statement.

However, the angry mobs could always join issue intellectually and not resort to any physical attacks, he said.

Islam Did Not Advocate Violence.

"This is not the holy Prophet’s preaching. Islam preaches tolerance, peace, non-violence and forgiveness and condemns extremism and fanaticism," the Prince said, adding that the U.S. Government should take stern action against the filmmaker.


Saudi Mufti Asks Film Protesters To Stop Violence: Saudi Arabia's highest spiritual leader has called on the Muslims to denounce violence in protest of an anti-Islam video made in the US.

"If Muslims surrender to anger, they will achieve the objectives of those who are behind the production of this offensive movie," Grand Mufti Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh said in a statement.

Muslims should not let their anger lead them to kill innocent people and attack public facilities. He emphasized that condemning the disputed movie should be in accordance with Quran.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had said, "if you are unjust to a fellow being, a non-Muslim, by God on the Day of Judgment, I will stand against you and stand up with the victim."

Repel, by [means of] what is best, [their] evil. We are most knowing of what they describe. - Holy Quran 23:96

Repel evil with that which is better. We are Best Acquainted with the things they utter. - Holy Quran 23:96

Saudi mufti asks film protesters to stop violence


Douse The Fire: To our own youth I would make an appeal: Don’t walk into the trap laid by others. Exercise restraint. Nobody can insult Allah, who is above blame, and no one can dishonor His Prophet (PBUH) whose name is announced five times a day by muezzins from their minarets all over the world. Nobody has been honoured thus, nobody will. Allah has told his Prophet (PBUH), And I have raised your mention (wa rafa’na laka zikrak), in the muezzin’s call. -Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam

And raised high for you your repute. Holy 
Quran - 94:4

I strongly condemn the horrible film against the great Prophet of Islam who preached nothing but peace. The maker of the film must be brought to justice and give the highest punishment by the US government. At the same time Muslims must not adopt methods of protest that go against the Quran and the teachings of our beloved Prophet. For when they do that a wrong signal is sent to the world. The best way to protest would be to organise big meetings and speak about the great qualities of our Prophet. Muslims have every right to protest but only in an Islamic way. And burning vehicles is not Islamic. - Faizur Rahman

Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant. Holy Quran - 7:199

Another angle of this episode is that anti-Islamic elements desire to direct the efforts of Muslims towards trivial events, instead of enabling them to engage in constructive works. They desire that Muslims’ skills should be spent in agitations and protests. Advances made recently by Muslims in the field of education and scientific research are significant. Majority of students in the Universities of Europe and US are drawn from Asia and Muslim countries. West wants to keep Muslims busy dealing with unproductive issues in such a way that their progress is stopped. There is a need to understand the situation and react properly in such circumstances.

"During the life time of the Prophet occasions arose on which he was humiliated, subjected to slander and name-calling. These incidents were enough to enrage his Companions who were always ready to risk their life for the Prophet. But the Prophet never allowed them to go wayward on these occasions. He restrained them and concentrated his attention on the real purpose, i.e. Da’wa’ (Mission). Thus plots planned by his enemies failed. We too have to adopt the same strategy today. Our mission is show to humanity the path of righteousness." -Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani

Prince Saud stressed the kingdom's disapproval of such an insulting movie. He condemned the acts of violence against the US and other foreign diplomatic missions, and stressed the principles for dialogue among different religions and cultures. He urged not to abuse, offend or vilify religions, their representatives or symbols.

Unity, Tolerance, Solidarity and Moderation needed. We have to unite against any attempts to divide us. We can defeat injustice only when we are just. We can counter extremism only when we are moderate. — King Abdullah

Moses, Jesus And Muhammad (pbut) Brothers in Faith

Most Muslims in the West seem to have displayed a mature and islamically acceptable response to the abusive film. Forget About “Not In My Name,” Think Of Your Own Name

The reaction of some Muslims in Middle-East, North Africa and India goes against the teachings of Islam, and irrational. Killing an Ambassador (Libya), damaging the embassies (Egypt & Yemen), laying seize to the US Consulate and stoning the glass panes (Chennai), blocking the traffic (and ambulances) for over 2 hours and some of the responses from Muslims who are more emotional than knowledgable about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). - Syed Ibrahim Unislamic Responses To An Obscure Film

Most Americans, including American Muslims have condemned the trailer and the idiot who made it; however, it is not easy to punish the guy in (USA) our system. One of the most common challenges I encountered was the duplicity of practice in Europe. There is a punishment prescribed for questioning the Holocaust, but not for the sentiments of others, and most times that ends the conversation abruptly. We have to do better than that.

Muslim have a special role to play in the world, and not get entrenched in score keeping; they need to follow the model of the Prophet -- an Amin, a trust worthy conflict mitigater and goodwill nurturer to build cohesive societies. - Mike Ghouse Freedom Of Speech And The Legitimacy Of Muslim Protests

Dear Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews: You’re living in the age of the Internet. Your religion will be mocked, and the mockery will find its way to you. Get over it. If you don’t, what’s happening this week will happen again and again. A couple of idiots with a video camera and an Internet connection will trigger riots across the globe. They’ll bait you into killing one another. Internet videos will insult your religion. Ignore them. -William Saletan

Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - The Perfect Role Model and Ideal Person for Humanity.

To all Muslims, please realise that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) suffered daily derision and persecution for years, but never retaliated. So great was his suffering, that the Holy Quran states in several verses, that he was consoled and encouraged by God to be patient, be steadfast and to turn away from his persecutors. This is what must be learned by one and all. Totally ignoring such provocative speech or writing is the best outcome for us, and the worst for the instigator.

We are Muslims. We love God. We love His prophets (all of them) peace be upon them all. And we love people who respect others beliefs. Kindly remove all videos that hurt so many people and cause violence against any faith and their beliefs. You know it is the right thing to do. And you know exactly what we are talking about and you know you can do it. And please establish and follow a very simple rule: Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.

In a world of give and take, all societies must learn to respect the rights of people belonging to different faiths. As a learned judge had once pointed out, one man’s rights end with where another man’s nose begins.

Thirukkural - 157

Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us. - Holy Quran 9:40

A Response To Anti-Muslim Propaganda And How Muslims Should React


Ideal Protest: Few Muslims distributing books on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) outside American Center in New Delhi on 21st September 2012.

Ideal Protest: Muslims (not disturbing traffic) distributing books on
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) outside American Center in New Delhi.

My Leader, My Prophet

The Power Of Prayer (Dua)

Salman Rushdie - Satanic Verses

You Should Know This Noble Man

About The Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Muslims Reject Violent Response To Cartoon Controversy

We are Muslims and We are Proud of our Prophet, peace be upon him. We would not hurt anyone - But we'll patiently continue to say Muhammad Rasoolullah SAWS.

To be a Muslim is to be a peacemaker, one who seeks to mitigate conflicts and nurtures goodwill for peaceful co-existence.

Very Smart Response: In London Muslims distributing copies of the Holy Qur'an
translations and books on the life of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

And the servants of (Allah) Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, Peace! - Holy Quran 25:63

I would like to clarify first that by no means do I favour or defend the violence and unnecessary loss of precious lives and property, in reaction to the blasphemous video, especially here in Pakistan. We had every right to protest, but I feel ashamed and disappointed that we did not do so in a civilized and dignified manner. Precious lives were lost and property was burned and raised to the ground by unruly mobs.

To all Muslims, I would like to appeal, show your love for Hazrat Muhammad Sallaho Alaihe Wasallam by trying to ponder how he would have reacted in such a situation. He preached humanity and compassion, forgave when he could avenge and always refused to be provocated in the most sensitive situations. Instead of walking in the trap deliberately set up to further derogate the Muslims we must exercise restraint and lodge our protest according to the norms of a civilized society. This is the time when we can prove to the world that barring a minority of religious extremist, Muslims are a peace loving and disciplined people. This is what ISHQ E NABI (the love of our Prophet) demands from us! - Yasmin Elahi Do More! Mr. Barack Obama

Why Muslims Love Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) More Than Their Lives.

In Islam debate and dissuasion are always welcome, healthy criticism is always entertained. Thousands of books have been written by orientalists criticising many teachings of Islam but there were no protests by Muslims. But they are not ready to accept abusive language about the Prophet with ill intention. Those who want war between religions and civilizations must be brought to justice otherwise the entire humanity will become vulnerable to their assault one day. - Syed Zubair Ahmad Why Do They Hate Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Don't React - Please Respond

How Muslims Should Respond

Who Is Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

Mocking The Prophet, How Should We React

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