I DO NOT support, endorse or encourage any kind of terrorism, and my religion advocates tolerance and co-existence with others, regardless of their identities and beliefs. In the eyes of Islam, terrorism is not a jihad, it is a crime that deserves no mercy. The Holy Quran makes a very clear distinction between legitimate war, a jihad, and illegitimate violence that spreads havoc among the innocent, a fasad. A fasadi is one who "spreads mischief through the land"... When a fasadi calls himself a jihadi, it is an attempt to gain legitimacy among Muslims... The Jihad-e-Akbar, or the greater jihad is a struggle to cleanse oneself; war is only the Jihad-e-Asghar, or the lesser jihad. Terrorism has no place in Jihad.

We are all humans and it is our duty to help other humans and not destroy humanity and the world. There is always a peaceful solution to any problem. There is no justification in getting involved in terrorist activities; it's severe crime. So if you have been thinking that you can justify this act, it's wrong. We have been taught to live peacefully. Whenever you are violent and angry always think about your near and dear ones. People who care for you would be hurt with your behaviour. For them you should change yourself and become a new person. One who will not be called a terrorist.

Enemies Of Humanity

Tamil Article
Acknowledgement: www.readislam.net/muslimsociety.htm

May Peace and Mercy of Almighty Allah be upon you all.

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