Why do you kill so many innocent people. What do you gain with this violence? Nothing much but hatred, I am sure. And you definitely lose out a lot. You lose consciousness and love. You don't want to analyse the problem. Instead, you seek revenge on innocent people. Think about it. Did the people who you are killing have anything to do with your problem? No. You did not even think once before doing such a barbarous, heinous act. Infact, you should think about the damage caused to the people who have been at the receiving end. It is not just individuals, but many families that have been affected by terrorist activities. You should think before doing any such thing, use your judgment and don't get influenced by others. You should prevent others from destroying the country and start saving lives. Remember one thing that this is our country, and we should not cause any harm to our country.

Faceless Terrorism
by Manushya Puthiran

Tamil Article by Abdul Hameed @ Manushya Puthiran

Courtesy: Dinamalar Tamil Newspaper - Dt: 03/08/2008
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