Forgive Me Almighty Allah

Compiled by Abdul Wahid Osman Belal

Forgive me Allah

For the wrongs I have done.

For anger I shouldn't have

Against anyone.


I know I'm weak Allah,

But I love You, I really do,

And in spite of my weakness,

I know You love me too.


Forgive me for not reading Your Word,

And for the times that I stray.

Forgive me for just being too tired

When I don't take the time to pray.


Give me the strength, O Allah,

To do what I should each day.

Let Your love shine through me

So others will follow Your way.


Even though I've failed,

I know You'll forgive me,

And this I promise Lord,

A better Muslim I will be.


For Your presence is in me,

Filling my heart with Your love,

And I have Your reassurance,

You're guiding from above.


I love You Allah, and thank You

For the blessings You bestow,

I will tell others about You,

So Your goodness they too will know.

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O the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious!
It is Your own proclamation,
It is Your own revelation,
that, to You, all Your creations are so precious!

All the blessings that You have given
we have not thanked You,
but that information, to You, is not new
Yet, You say, just for sincere asking we are forgiven!

You gave me guidance and knowledge;
But with others so little I shared
And to remove illiteracy so little I cared
Yet, Your mercy abounds as turns my life's page.

Little did I appreciate Your divine love
Little did I keep Your command,
Little did I seek Your firm hand;
No, I defied Your message from Heaven above!

I failed to keep the trust on my shoulder,
Shouldnít my life have been the Truthís representation?
Shouldnít my heart in obedience have fallen in prostration?
Yet, in sin I have become only bolder.

Yet, Your invitation to mercy and forgiveness I accept,
At Your noble door I knock!
The mystery of Your grace who can unlock!
With all the goodness and badness please embrace this inept.

In forgiveness You seem to take pride,
In mercy and affection lies Your glory,
How mysterious is Your creation-story!
Please hold my weak hand and be my Guide.

If we the earthlings did not commit any sin,
These earthlings You would seek to replace,
Isnít that what You said in loving grace?*
Hence, despite my best effort, on Your grace my hope I pin.

To Your loving guidance let me lend my ears!
If there is anything good in me, thatís Your blessing,
My repentance is, I guess, what Iím expressing!
Though not as abundant as Your mercy, like raindrops, I offer my tears!

Let from this earth disappear all the gloom!
Let the tree of justice, peace and harmony grow!
Your loving guidance let us not waste and throw!
Let in Your mercy and grace all of us bloom!


Note: *Ref: Sahih Muslim, Kitab at-Taubah, #6622.


Holy Quran

Be quick in the race for forgiveness from your Lord And for a Garden whose width Is that (of the whole) Of the heavens And of the earth, Prepared for the righteous. [Holy Quran 3.133]

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