Health, Happiness And Harmony

1. Drink eight glasses of water a day. Give up coffee. Drink water laced with fresh fruit juice or warm water with crushed ginger and honey.

2. Include two vegetables and one fruit at every meal.

Welcome Compassion into your life:

3. Take up a hobby with others.

4. Join your local community association.

5. Get involved in your spiritual community.

6. Reach out to someone in need today, someone whom you do not know.

7. Create a healing web of relationships.

8. Establish a family assembly, develop family traditions, create an extended family website.

9. Give your child a pat for nothing.

10. Join or establish self-help groups.

11. Have a 'no car' day.

12. Love yourself. Write down 10 things you like about yourself.

13. Tell someone you love "What I like about you is...".

Bring love into your life:

14. Keep in touch with friends. Share happy news.

15. Invite your kid's friends home for a sleep over.

16. Celebrate little known anniversaries with love ones; the day your child said his first word, the day your husband first saw you...

17. Prepare a scrapbook of a shared life and give it as a special birthday gift.

18. Send hand made cards to the 5 friends you love best.

Bring laughter into your life:

19. Be with cheerful people. Avoid the Cassandras and the Agony Uncles. Avoid toxic people.

20. Read and share jokes on the internet.

21. Smile. Do not smother laughter. Play with babies, make them giggle. Buy balloons for toddlers. Listen to laughter in a school playground.

Bring courage and bravery into your life:

22. Record the obstacles you have overcome and hang it on your wall.

23. Be involved in solving community problems. Get involved in speaking up against injustice and resisting evil.

24. Surround yourself with pictures of people and places you love. Remember that beyond the stormy mountain is the calm green valley.

Bring wonder and celebration into your life:

25. Be alone in silence wih Nature at the beginning and end of every day.

26. Enjoy a walk among tall trees and green gardens.

27. Plant seeds and trees, distribute plants to others.

28. Set apart time for prayer to praise God for his Glorious creation. Set apart time to enjoy beauty.

Eat correctly:

29. Use fresh vegetables. Refrigeration reduces the life force of food.

30. Once a week have only fresh fruits until noon, make lunch the first meal of the day. Freshly cooked meals improve your vitality.

31. Include one green yellow and red vegetable in everymeal.

32. Go on a 'juice fast' for a day. Start with vegetable juice, and sip fruit juice for lunch and dinner.

33. Cut out all deep-fried foods from your diet.

34. Cut down on high sugar products like soft drinks, ice-cream, candy and cookies in your diet.

35. Replace a meal once a week with one type of fresh fruit.

36. Include high fibre foods, plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

37. Add salt according to taste, after cooking. This reduces your salt intake.

38. Cook vegetables lightly to avoid loss of nutrients.

39. Introduce steamed food into your diet, experiment with Chinese steam cooking.

40. Eat only when you are hungry.

41. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

Rest and Rejuvenate:

42. Get a good nigh's sleep, every night.

43. Enroll today in an exercise or yoga programme.

44. Take a brisk, 20 minute invigorating walk each morning.

45. Do not use elevators when you can climb the stairs.

46. Focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath, then exhale slowly. Repeat a couple of times a day.

47. Learn to relax. Spend a few minutes every day consciously relaxing each muscle of your body.

48. Spend 20 minutes a day in silent meditation, prayer or reflection.

49. Forgive someone who you think has done you wrong and lay down the burden of hate.

50. Read a great book once a week.

51. Watch the moon for an hour every full moon night. Look at the stars every night.

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) Saying

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