India Islamic Cultural Centre

87-88, Lodi Estate, New Delhi-110003
Phone: (0091-11) 24615126, 24601712, 24601881,
Fax : 24638977

President: Sirajuddin Qureshi - Vice President: Syed Mohammad Farooq

The IICC is a non-political institution that strives for national integration through dialogues and debates, research studies, cultural programmes and welfare and promotional schemes. Promoting awareness about the ethos of Islamic culture, the IICC stresses on "Unity in Diversity" and attempts to strengthen mutual understanding between religions and cultures.

The main objective of the IICC is to remove misunderstandings about Islam and to create an ethical society based on tolerance, universal brotherhood, understanding, appreciation, amity, love and charity.

It was during the centenary celebrations of the 15th "Hijra" in November 1980 that the idea to set up an institute to remove misunderstandings about Islam was conceived. Land for the two-and-a-half acre IICC campus was sanctioned in 1981 and the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had agreed to the IICC's formation that led to the registration of the society in April 1981. Ms. Indira Gandhi laid the foundation stone of the IICC on August 24, 1984. Twenty-two years after its foundation was laid, the India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC), was inaugurated by Congress president Ms.Sonia Gandhi on 12th of June 2006.

The campus of IICC is comprised of a 450-seat auditorium, two conference rooms, a library having books of all religions and cultures to facilitate research,30 guest rooms, a cafeteria and space for outdoor events.

The institution would be run by a trust headed by Sirajuddin Qureshi. IICC has a board of trustees, an executive committee and over 1,800 life members around the world.

Imam Abubacker Siddiq (Rali) saying

Courtesy: www.indianmuslims.info
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