Indian Institute of Hams (VU2 IIH)
Room No:98, 2nd Floor, Gate No:2
Sree Kanteerava Outdoor Stadium,
Kasturba Road,
BANGALORE - 560 001

Indian Institute of Hams (IIH) is a voluntary organisation founded in 1993 and duly registered as a Trust engaged in promoting amateur radio in the country. Ham Radio is a scientific hobby and helps in promoting communication linking the entire world. Sitting in your room you can talk to another Ham across the world. Ham Radio is the King of Hobbies and the Hobby of the Kings. Today in India. It is becomming more popular. We have about 15,000 licenced amateurs in India. IIH is very active and has conducted number of training programmers, seminars,lectures, awareness programmes and conventions.

IIH has launched a year long programme in January 1999 and has various activities throughout the year. Indian Institute of Hams has won proestigious "Rajiv Gandhi Award" consecutively for two years 1995 and 1996 for the best promotion of Ham Radio in India.

As a part of RADCOM - 2000 activities, IIH has published the unique Directory of Amateur Radio operators in India called "CALLBOOK INDIA". This Callbook is to every Amateur Radio Operator who has to know the address of the Ham whom he contacts on his radio to send his QSL Card (Acknowledgement Card) for having established a contact. Sincere efforts have been made to collect the data including e-mail address and phone nos. Thanks to all Net Controllers, Clubs, Well Wishers, Hams in general for making announcements, publishing, notifying, sending e-mails etc., which has given a good response. Publishers extends heartful thanks to Ministry of Communications (WPC Wing), Akash Data Systems, Suresh VU3 HDP, Advertisers without whose cooperation this callbook would not have been completed.

We have carried corrections based on the inputs given by Hams directly. The Callbook India is published only in the interest of Ham Fraternity. Indian Institute Of Hams(IIH) will be publishing a call book 2005 and CDs containing the details of all the Hams of VU land. All the VUHAMS are requested to send their details. IIH will keep the data update, hence Hams are requested to send change of (Address) QTH, Morning and Home QTH Phone numbers, Email IDs, New Insertions and Suggetions for the 2005 edition.

IIH with each and every Ham healthy and wealthy life. Let us stand for UNITY, INTEGRITY & BROTHERHOOD IN THE HAM FRATERNITY.

Yours Hamly,
Sathyapal (VU2 FI)
Managing Trustee & Director - IIH

Copies can be had from
India Institute of Hams, (VU2 IIH)
P.O.Box No. 1927,
Bangalore - 560019, India
Phone : 080 - 26664501, 22295873
Fax : 080 - 22265316
Mobile: 094483 02677
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