There are umpteen number of pleasant things surrounding us, but we barely notice, we always complain, criticize, grudge, hate, neglect and ultimately we live in a hell, Nobody is against us, then why do we think negatively about a person.

Look around the finest things God has given to us. Enjoy on seeing the fine creation, enjoy meeting people, enjoy that we have been provided every meal, nice clothes, a happy surrounding of family and friends. Think of those unfortunate brethern and be happy to note that we are able to help those needy persons.

Our positive approach, love beyond boundaries alone will make a harmonious situation around us. Life is to accommodate and accomplish. Live a happy life.


Tamil Article

Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other one is right.
It simply means that you value the relationship much more than your ego.

by K.G.Rajendra Babu                                   Courtesy: Dinamani Tamil Newspaper

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