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Kayalpatnam has several institutions providing religious education - covering basic quran reading sessions, memorising the whole quran and Islamic Jurisprudence.

  1. Al Madarasathul Hameedhiya

    Started in 1971, it is run by Majlishul Buhari Shareef (founded in 1926). The successful students are awarded Hafizh titles

    Location - Choluckar Street
    Phone No. - 280 069

  2. Aroosul Jannah Madrasuthu Niswan

    Started in 1983 for Women, it follows the syllabus of Al-Madrasuthul Fasiyathu Sadhiliya and conducts a three-year course leading to Aalima Aruziya

    Location - Deevu Street
    Phone No. - 280 852

  3. Ayisha Siddeeqa Girls Islamic College

    Started in 1989, it attracts students from Malaysia, Singapore and Srilanka - apart from various parts of India. Students are trained for Afzalul Ulama Examination conducted by the University of Madras (considered equivalent to B.A Degree in Oriental Studies). Hostel facilities available.

    Location - Aliyar Street
    Phone No. - 285 074

  4. Mahalarathul Quadiriya Arabic College

    This institute, which follows Qadiriya thariqa was started in 1871 and as such one of the oldest in Kayalpatnam. The successful students are awarded Mahlari. Outstation stations are given free accomodation and food. There is also a library.

    Location: Ambala Maraicar Street
    Phone No. - 284 785

  5. Muaskaria Women's Arabic College

    It was founded in 1988 to teach the Ahl Sunnathul Jamath principles and to educate women on issues of values. There are currently about 140 students - of which 100 are training to become Aalimas and 40 are undergoing hifl training. The institute has so far trained over 350 Aalimas and 39 hafilas. Around 50 students graduate every year

    Location - Choluckar Street
    Phone No. - 283 620

  6. Zaviathul Fasiyathu Sadhiliya Arabic College

    It is run by Zaviathul Fasiyathu Sadhiliya (founded 1868). The successful students are awarded the title Fazi. Since 1932, local students are being given aid to pursue their studies.

    Location - Keemu Kochiar Street
    Phone No. - 280 342


Kayalpatnam has schools at primary, secondary and higher secondary levels - in Tamil Nadu State, CBSE and Matriculation streams.

The following are primary schools -

  1. Al Ameen Nursery Primary School (Phone: 283 507)
  2. Arul Raj Primary School
  3. Central Primary School
  4. National Primary School
  5. L K Primary School
  6. Panchayat Union Primary School
  7. Zubaida Primary School

The following are secondary schools -

  1. Central Matriculation School (Phone: 280 955)
  2. Elkay Matriculation School (Phone: 285 999)

The following are higher-secondary schools -

  1. Central Higher Secondary School (Phone: 280 431)
  2. Elkay Higher Secondary School (Phone: 280 267)
  3. Government (G) Higher Secondary School (Phone: 280 370)
  4. Kamalavathi Higher Secondary School (CBSE - upto 10th Standard) (Phone: 280 835)
  5. Kayalpatnam - Arumuganeri (KA) Higher Secondary School (Phone: 280 132)
  6. Muhyideen Matric Higher Secondary School (Matriculation - upto 10th Standard) (Phone: 280 087)
  7. Zubaida Higher Secondary School (Phone: 283 355)


In December 2005, the foundation laying ceremony for a women's college - Wavoo Wajeeha Women's College - was held and it became fully functional from the academic year - 2006-2007. This was built by Wavoo SAR Educational Trust - on the road to Tiruchendur - beyond KMT Hospital.

Other nearest colleges are in Tiruchendur. They are Govindammal Adithanar College for Women [Phone: (4639) 242 184] and Adithanar College of Arts and Science [Phone: (4639) 242 232]. They are run by the Sivanthi Aaditan Trust.

There are also Arts and Sciences colleges in Tuticorin and Tirunelveli. For boys, Sadakathullah Appa College [Phone: (462) 254 0763] in Tirunelveli is usually the choice for pursuing Arts and Sciences. Several prominent people from Kayalpatnam are represented at senior management positions of this college. Tirunelveli also has other popular colleges like St.Xavier's. Some also choose colleges in Chennai and other places.

For girls, Thassim Beevi College for Women is another popular option - apart from Govindammal and Wavoo Wajeeha.

Increasingly, many Kayalpatnam girls have joined colleges in Chennai to pursue their education.

Professional education is generally pursued through several engineering and medical colleges spread all over Tamil Nadu. Sivanthi Aditanar College OF Engineering [Phone: (4639) 245 725] at Rani Maharajapuram, near Tiruchendur is the nearest Engineering College. Tirunelveli Medical College is the nearest medical college.


There are a few playing grounds for Soccer, Cricket and Ball Badminton in Kayalpatnam. Indoor games are also played here.

  1. United Sports Club

    Located near Thaika Street, for well over a quarter of a century, has been hosting an All India Soccer Tournament for the Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy. After a long break, the event was revived in 2003

    [Click here to learn more about USC]

  2. Red Star Society

    Founded in 1939, near Appapalli Street and Maraicar Palli Street, Lawn Tennis was the first sport here. In recent years, Ball Badminton has taken over. A state-level tournament was conducted in 2003

  3. Kayal Sports Club

    Located near Muhyideen Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Cricket is the main activity here

  4. Youth United Front (YUF)

    Located near Solukkar Street


Once in Kayalpatnam, you may not have to travel more than a few yards to find a mosque. There are about 30 of them in Kayalpatnam and adhaan can be heard from those mosques' public address systems at practically every corner.

The following is the list of mosques and places with praying facilities in Kayalpatnam.

The Jumma Mosques are -

  1. Periya Kutba Palli
  2. Siriya Kutba Palli
  3. Al-Jamiul Azhar Jumma Mosque

The other mosques and praying facilities are -

  1. Ahamed Nainar Palli (Saduckai Street)
  2. Appapalli (Appapalli Street)
  3. Arampalli (Arampalli Street)
  4. Arusia Palli (Kattu Thaika Street)
  5. Bilal Masjid (Nainar Street)
  6. Erattaikulam Palli (Saduckai Street)
  7. Hafil Ameer Palli (Periya Nesavu Street)
  8. Haji Appa Thaika Palli (Haji Appa Thaika Street)
  9. Kadaipalli (Main Road)
  10. Sirunainar Palli (Arampalli Street)
  11. Kattu Mogdoom Palli
  12. KMT Mosque
  13. Koman Palli (Koman Street)
  14. Kuruvithurai Palli (Main Road)
  15. Kutiyapalli (near Appapalli Street)
  16. Mahlara (Ambala Maraicar Street)
  17. Maraicar Palli (Maraicar Palli Street)
  18. Masjidhur Rahman Palli (Akbar Sha Street)
  19. Magdoom Palli (Magdoom Street)
  20. Muhyideen Palli (Kuthuckal Street)
  21. New Muhyideen Palli (near Muhyideen Matriculation School)
  22. Pudhu Palli (Thaika Street)
  23. Salahudeen (Mela) Palli (Mela Palli Street)
  24. Sayyid Hussain Palli (next to USC)
  25. Station Palli (near Kayalpatnam Railway Station)
  26. Thayampalli (KTM Street)
  27. Yusuf Appapalli (near Koman Street)
  28. Zavia (KMK Street)

O My servants who believe! Truly, spacious is My earth: Thereefore serve ye Me (and Me alone).Holy Quran - 29:56


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