Kayalpatnam Tamil
by S. Allah Baksh

Tamil Article

Courtesy: This article taken from the souvenir released to mark the centenary of Kayalpatnam Selection Grade Town Panchayat Board (released in 1990)

Vaapaa Father
Ummaa Mother
Kaakaa Elder Brother
Raathaa / Laathaa Elder Sister
Chachappa Paternal Uncle
Chachi Maternal Aunt
Appaa Grand Father
Vaapichaa Paternal Grand Mother
Moomaa / Kannumma / Kammaa Maternal Grand Mother
Pasaaaru Break Fast
Pootee Great Grand Mother
Pootee Appaa Great Grand Father
Pootan Great Grand Son
Ootee Great Great Grand Mother
Ootee Appaa Great Great Grand Father
Ootan Great Great Grand Son
Aanam Gravy
Puliaanam Tamarind Water (Rasam)
Valanthu Utensils
Nasuvu (as in Nasuvuraan) Cheating
Vaanaa/Maana (I) Don't Want
Eekithu It is there/Available
Appittaa/Appittan (She/he) has grabbed (it)
Sepaale Stupid
Mowndhu Kiss
Baangu Bench
Kusini Kitchen
Comeez Shirt
Peethuraan Being Proud
Jeyppu Pocket
Angana Kulley Somewhere there
Ingana Kulley Somewhere here
Sallamai Fever
Kadavaapotti A basket made of palm leaves - used to carry grocery edibles
Kuththuppanium Sweet lozenges
Palkuthi Spleen
Maangaa Kidney
Avantharai Danger

Some examples of this beautiful mix of Arab and Tamil vocabulary will be illustrated below:

1) Khair, Allah podhumanavan - which means 'Whatever! God is sufficient for me!

2) Inge konjam Raahatha irukkum - which means it will be comfortable here

3) Balaah Museebath Subuhu thozhuthal neengidum - All misfortune and misery will be removed by the dawn prayer.


During occassions like marriages, guests eat food from the same plate. Plates made specially for this purpose - big ones - are used. Usually 2 or 3 people sit together. Custom is observed by women of the town too. This practise is termed as Sahan Saapaadu.

Kayalpatnam Famous Sweets

Badam Halwa, Dammaday, Adai, Waada, Shepaniyam, Vengayapaniyam, Kaayam marundu, Vattilappam, Vellariaaram, Nanakatha, Purusakaram, Seenimavu, Butter biscuit, Pachoru (Sweet Rice), Paavu, Mixture (savoury) etc.

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