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Kayal Hafil Recites Whole Quran In 8 Hours

Whole Quran recites in one Rakah (Taraveeh Prayer) at Arampally Masjid in Kayalpattinam on 12th September 2009, by Al Hafil SMB Mohammad Noohu.

For past many decades, Kayalpatnam has been blessed with eminent hafils (those who memorise the Holy Quran) - who can recite the whole of the Holy Quran in less than eight hours in one Rakah. This has been demonstrated during the Taraveeh Prayers in the month of Ramadan on many occasions. This indeed is a great task. Such great hafils are very rare in the world.

A few young and energetic hafils of Kayalpatnam - capable of reciting the whole of the noble Quran with in eight hours - have performed this feat with the grace of Almighty Allah in recent years too.

There are currently about 350 Alims and 750 Hafils - men and women - living in Kayalpatnam. The following famous Hafils of Kayalpatnam recited the Holy Quran - from beginning (Surah Al-Fatiha) to end (Surah An-Nas) - within 8 hours during Taraweeh Prayers in the 20th Century & 21st Century.

01. Late Al-Hafil Qari Shaik Muhammad Lebbai Alim recited the whole of the Holy Quran during the Taravih Prayer within eight hours at Errattai Kulam Palli in Kayalpatnam around 1905. His tomb is in a chamber at Periya Kutba Palli. Hafil M.K.O.M. Meera Sahib Alim and Mahmood Sulaiman Lebbai Alim were some of his brilliant students. Calipha Muhammed Ali Alim is one of his grand sons.

  • 02. Late Al-Haj Al-Hafil M.K.O.M. Meera Sahib Alim

    a) At Ahmed Nainar Mosque in Kayalpatnam in 1923

    b) At Samman Kottai Mosque in Colombo in 1930

    Hafil Meera Sahib Alim's sons are Uvais Haji Muhammad Ali Haji and Late Umar Haji.

  • 03. Late Al-Haj Al-Hafil Vallai Tamby Lebbai alias Nuhu Tamby Lebbai Alim in Ceylon.

    His sons are Late Abdul Hai Alim, Late Makki Alim and Late Ahmed Salih Alim.

  • 04. Late Al-Hafil Abubaker Siddiq Alim in Madras around 1910.

    His grandsons are A.S.Noohu, A.S.Sulaiman and A.S.Jamal.

  • 05. Late Al-Hafil Muhiddeen Thamby Alim in Kayalpatnam.

    Former Principal of Mahalara Arabic College

  • 06. Late Al-Hafil Palaiyam Muhammad Abdul Rahim Alim

    a) At Samman Kottai Masjid in Colombo in 1923.

    b) At Pudu Palli (New Mosque) in Kayalpatnam in 1933

    c) Thaika Sahib Thaika in Kayalpatnam

  • 07. Late Al-Haj Al-Hafil N.K. Muhammad Abdul Qadir Alim

    At Zaviya Arabic College in Kayalpatnam in 1945.

  • 08. Late Al-Hafil Abubaker Ajwad, s/o Noohu Alim, Grand son of Hasan Naina Maraikar Alim

    a) At Samman Kottai Masjid in Colombo in 1950.

    b) At Marathanai Masjid in Colombo in 1950

  • 09. Late Al-Haj Al-Hafil Sahul Hameed Alim Mufti

    At Al-Jamiul Azhar and at Magudum Palli in Kayalpatnam around 1960.

    Former Principal of Zaviya Arabic College

  • 10. Late Al-Haj Al-Hafil Idrus Alim At Thirumangala Kudi in 1963.

    Former Principal of Zaviya Arabic College

  • 11. Al-Haj Al-Hafil M.A. Noohu, s/o Hafil Mohammed Abdul Kader Alim

    At Zaviya in Kayalpatnam in 1975.

  • 12. Late Al-Haj Al-Hafil Shaik Abdul Qadir Alim Misbahi

    At Samman Kottai Mosque in Colombo in 1976.

  • 13. Al-Hafil S.M.B. Mohammad Noohu s/o Syed Muhammad Buhari

    At Arampalli Masjid in Kayalpatnam on 12th September 2009.

    (Start Time 07:50 PM to Finish Time 04:10 AM - Total Time 8Hrs 20Mins)

  • 14. Al-Hafil J.M. Shaik Andul Kader s/o N.T. Jamal Muhammad

    At Ahmed Nainar Masjid in Kayalpatnam on 25th August 2011.

    (Start Time 08:10 PM to Finish Time 03:50 AM - Total Time 7Hrs 40Mins)

Masha'Allah - Subhan'Allah - Alhamdulillah - Allahu Akbar

Kayalpatnam News

Whole Quran recites in one Rakah (Taraveeh Prayer) at Arampally Masjid in Kayalpattinam on 12th September 2009, by Al Hafil SMB Mohammad Noohu.

Courtesy: Concise History of Kayalpatnam

It was very nice to see recites the quran completely in one rakath (taraveeh prayer) for more than 8 hrs was conducted by young Hafiz Mohammed Noohu in Arampally. May ALLAH give him a good health and long happy life and for akhira.And we have also to appreciate three persons who stand for 8 hrs continously. Nowadays even for one salah we feel difficult to stand and i think Savanna Shahul Hameed Alim Mufti conducted 2 times full quran in one salah and Shaik Abdul Kader Misbahi Alim, Noohu Hafiz and Azwad Hafiz in Srilanka.
- Noordeen

This event is familiar to our Kayalites, here Saudis have surprised the event particularly about the reciting speed how one could finish a juzu within 16.66 minutes / full Quran in about 500 Minutes.
- Jailani

May Allah bestow healthiness and prosperous to this young Hafidh and his pleased parents and family. It is really amazing to hear to such breathtaking efforts.
- Ahmed

Well done and rewards from Allah for taking pains to recite the Kalaam of Allah. Great effort and amazing indeed. Let Allah ta'ala's mercy be on this young Hafil.
- Ahmed Mustafa

Marvellous achievement. May Allah bestow His grace amd endless rewards to the hafizh hero.
- T.M.Rahamathullah

Whole Quran recites in one Rakah (Taraveeh Prayer) at Ahmed Nainar Masjid in Kayalpatnam on 25th August 2011, by Al Hafil J.M. Shaik Andul Kader.

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