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Dutch East India Company - like the British - had presence in many parts of what is now India. A colored engraving dated between 1724-1726 indicates the location of Kayalpatnam (spelled caylpatnam in the map)

Colored Engraving dtd.1724-1726 - depicting location of Kayalpatnam
Colored Engraving dtd.1724-1726

First published in 1909

There are references to Kayalpatnam in two places in the books:

1. Volume No. 15, Page No.195

Kayalpatnam -

A small port in the Srivaikuntam Taluk of Tinnevelly District,Madras, situated in 8o34' N. and 78o8' E,a few miles to the south of the Tambraparni river and 18 miles south of Tuticorin; not to be confounded with Kayal. It is a Union, with a population (1901) of 11,746. Its sea-borne trade, which is chiefly in rice and coco-nuts with Ceylon and in timber and areca-nuts with Travancore, is carried on by the Musalman tribe of Labbais. There is also some trade in palmyra-leaf boxes and jaggery (coarse sugar), and a large salt factory is at work

2. Volume No. 23, Page No.372

...There are ten salt factories in Tinnevelly (those at Tuticorin, Arumuganeri, Kayalpatnam, and Kulasekarapatnam being the most important), with an out-turn (in 1903) of about 64,000 tons of salt, which brought in a duty to Government of nearly 35 lakhs... There are three recognised ports, Tuticorin, kulasekarapatnam and Kayalpatnam; but the first is the only one which is important

Kayalpatnam location is marked as a star
Kayalpatnam Map

reference to kayalpatnam in Imperial Gazetteer of India
Vol.15, Page 195

reference to kayalpatnam in Imperial Gazetteer of India
Vol.23, Page 372

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Inscription On Tomb-stones (PDF)

Inscription on Tomb-stones

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Sun TV telecasted a documentary about Kaylaptnam History and Culture on 16th November 2010. It is really a worth to watch documentary especially to those who want to know more about Kayalpatnam unique Heritage and Tamil background.



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