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Mahatma Gandhi Arch near Bus stand at Kayalpatnam Entrance
Mahatma Gandhi Arch at Kayalpatnam


  • Demography

    Population: 45,000 (1999)
    Area: 32 sq.km.
    Density: 1400 persons/sq.km
    Sex Ratio: 1000:1005 (1990) (Male:Female)
    % of Muslims in the population: about 75%

    No. of Wards: 18
    No. of Streets: 78
    No. of Houses: 11,311

    No. of Voters: 28,111 (Men - 13,922; Women - 14,189)

  • Roads

    The highway connecting Rameswaram and Kanya kumari passes through Kayalpatnam. The road length in Kayalpatnam was, in 1999, about 40 kms (all types).

  • Electricity

    There is a 110/11 kv sub-station providing electricity to the town. There are about 750 street lights in the town excluding the 200 Sodium Vapour lights. In 1999, there were about 8,400 electric connections .

  • Water Supply

    First plans to supply Water to the town were drawn in 1945. A storage tank with the capacity to hold 300,000 litres of water was inaugurated by the then CM of Tamil Nadu, Mr. K. Kamraj. It cost 37.5 lakh rupees to construct.

    In 1970, under Kayalpatnam Water Supply Development plan, a storage tank with the capacity of 400,000 litres was constructed. The then DMK government contributed 7.5 lakhs to the total cost of 24 lakhs. The rest was obtained from LIC as loan.

    In 1981, with the help of the then Tiruchendur MP Mr. K.T. Kosalram, a third water tank was constructed.

    In 1988, a fourth water storage tank was constructed near Appapally Grounds, with the help of Haji V.M.S. Lebbai.

    There are 5 storage tanks of combined capacity to hold 1.1 million litres of water. In 1999, there were about 5100 connections.


Mohideen Masjid at Kuthuckal Street Magdoom Masjid at Magdoom Street

Main Road Near Post Office Thaika Street

Main Road Near Arampalli Arampalli Street

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