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Muslim Charitable Society
17, T.H. Road, Mint Bus Terminus,
Chennai - 600021
Tel: (91 44) 25201009

Vice President Abdul Rahim
General Secretary M.Md Farook
Asst. Secretary A.Md. Naushad
Abdul Hameed
Treasurer Jamal Md. Ebrahim
Asst. Treasurer Abdul Hadi
Members Of The Executive Commitee N.Jamal Khanr
Akbar Ali Dhala
Dr. G.S.M.P.Khadri
U. Nusrath Shariff
Thaika Md. Ashraf
P.K.Abdul Khadeer
Syed Mazharuddin

Dear Brothers & Sisters.
All Praises to Almighty Allah and his Prophet (SAL) for their blessing and mercy who enabled us to complete Seven year's of service for the community. All Hamdu Lillah.

I am pleased to present the 11th Annual Report of MCS Baitulmal for the year 1999 - 2000.

At the outset let me thank the President and Executive Committee Members who helped me in all the administrative works and by giving me free hand to carry on the work to the best of my ability.

Since 11 years of service in MCS Baitulmal we were able to keep ourselves away from the evil Interests. We bow in reverence before Allah for his support and strength given to us by which we have been an example for others.

I wish to inform the general Body that, we the executive members meet once a month to discuss and to delegate the programmes, for a smooth and joint functioning of the duties of MCS Baitulmal.

Every year, there is an increase in the expenditure of the Refundable, & Non Refundable Assistance, By the grace of Almighty Allah we are able to collect sufficient funds for the same. But still there are more demands and request the well wishers to donate liberally and help the needy. At this juncture let us thank the president who came forward always first to donate the maximum.


Every Years MCS Baithulmal is helping the needy students by giving Text Books, Note Books, Uniform etc., This year we have spent of sum of Rs. 61,933/- towards Educational Assistance. We have been catering to the Schools of North Madras such as corporation Schools, Govt, Schools and few private schools. We also help in conducting sport events in the Schools.


Marriage Assistance has been very helpful for the needy people. By which many poor Muslim Girls were able toget maried., for which we have spent a sum of Rs. 25,600/- in few cases we have performed Nikka's also free of cost.


Rs. 979/- has been spent for Burials of destitutes and we have also shouldered the responsibilities of performing the last rites.


Year afteryear there is and increase in demands by the people of North Madras, since they are mostly Beedi workers and vendors. With our limited resources, we denote clothers and cash at the time of Ramzan and Bakrid.


To keep the poor brothers and sisters away from the clutches of money lenders, we are giving interest free loans on jewels to the maximum of Rs. 5,000/- per application. There is an increase in loan applications and we are trying to do our best to meet the demand of all the aplications. This year we have given loan upto Rs. 1,64,000/-


Every year we have been celebrating Meelad-U-Nabi (SAL) to the best of ability. Thanks to the committee of Host of making the elaborate arrangements for the same. May Allah bless them All Ameen.


We hereby take like this opportunity to earnestly appeal to all our brothers and sisters to come forward by leaps and bounds in contributting to the noble cause for which we work. The Baithulmal has no assets of its own and it depends largely on the philanthropists who have been donating generously in the past and we look forward to many more kind hearted people to join in this Caravan of Generous donors. Needles to say that Allah the Almighty will reward magnanimously each one of us on the day of judgement for what little contribution we make here.

Our sincere thanks to Janab Ameenur Rahman who has been kind enough to give cloth for distribution during the month Ramzan. And also thanks to Janab Azeez Sait Sahib who has been kind enough to give cloth and Food-Grain for distribution during the month Ramzan. Our thanks are due to Janab Haji Afzal Sahib. Treasurer of Tamil Nadu Haj Service, Chennai for providing Hall for AG Meeting. I will be failing in my duty, if I do not thank my fellow office bearers & executive committee members, and to all those who have contributed for these noble causes of Baithulmal. Our thanks to all the donors and Philanthropist who have donated liberally for the good cause of Baitulmal. My the Almighty gives peace, Prosperity & Happiness to one and All. Ameen. Wassalam

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