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Activities of Murthuzaviya Educational and Cultural Foundation of South India

The Murthuzaviya Educational and cultural Foundation of South India, founded in 1952 by our Founder President, Dr. S.K.Khadri Saheb (Dr.Syed Khaleelullah Khadri Saheb), Sajjada Nasheen and hereditary Trustee and Muthavalli of the Dargah of Hazarath Syed Murthuza Pasha Khadri, a well renowned saint of the 18th Century and named after him, marked the culmination of the efforts of his ancestors for the spread of Oriental Culture and Imparting education of all types and grades needed by the nation based on spiritual traditions.

Realising that the root cause of all the evils of the society was lack of education, our Founder President first took to this field of public service for the uplift of the community particularly the weaker sections of them and the downtrodden. His concept was that while education trains a student to become a perfect man of the modern scientific world, It should simultaneously train him or her to be good human being morally and spirtually. Starting first with the establishment of educational institutions of the formal stream, the Foundation in the subsequent years diversified its activities, in response to the left need of the society to such fields as non-formal education, vocational and technical training, health, medicare and family welfare, linguistics, women and child welfare, religion, culture and socio-economy. Presently the Foundation which is a registered body has 33 institution and projects almost all of which are recognised by State and Central governments. Our foundation is recognised as an institution of All India importance by the Government of India. All our institutions are thrown open completely free to all irrespective of caste, creed or community and a spirit of service pervades the entire atmosphere of all these institutions which cater mostly to the weaker sections of the society. No fee or charge of any kind is collected from any beneficiary of any of our units. We also award educational scholarships to the deserving students.


Colleges :

Murthuzaviya Arabic College :

This Arabic College was established in 1990 with qualified teachers for imparting a five year Afzel-Ul-ulema a course in Arabic. The students appear for the Oriental title examination of the University of Madras.

The subjects taught in Arabic are Thafseer, Hadith, Fight, Literature, Philosophy, Logic and Islamic history. Not only education is free, but the students are given monthly stipends. Text Books are also provided free.

Murthuzaviya Hindi College :

Our Hindi kendra established in 1974 was upgraded to a Hindi College in 1990 with a strenght of about 700 students. Free education is imparted to students, from Prathmic to Parveen and also for Sahiya Ratna and Siksha Visharat. under its auspices oratorical contests and debates are held every year and hindi day is also celebrated. Lectures are held on important festivals of different religions to promote understanding among different religions.

Formal Education :

Murthuzaviya Oriental Higher Secondary and Primary School :

This is a special school started in 1953, which marked the implementation of the long cherished ieda of the Founder President for the establishment of an institution along the religious and spiritual teachings. Thus this special school which is the first of its kind in the state and is the only one of its kind in Madras, started with the same syllabus as obtained in any other higher secondary school but with the addition of three papers in Arabic, the first paper dealing with prose, poetry and grammar, the second paper dealing with Thafseer, Hadith and fight and the third paper pertaining to the history of Arabic literature. The Primary School was started with a special permission from the Government of Tamil Nadu as no private managements were allowed to establish primary schools. these schools have a strenght of 1200. The Zohar and Asar Namaz are compulsory for all the Muslim students and staff of our schools. All are supplied with text books free from the school book bank. Almost all the students are provided with free midday meals since 1952.

The N.C.C. Scouting, literary and debating societies, dramatic club and the social service league are the extra curricular activities. On the academic field, the school final government examination results of our institution range from 65 to 85 per cent.

Special School

School for the Deaf

1992 marked the implementation of our long cherished project, starting of a school deaf and dumb children. Getting admission in one or two existing schools in Madras is very difficult and particularly so for the poor families. Our Special School offers admission without collecting any donation . Like our other institutions no fees is collected. The medium of instructions is English. Classes are conducted by trained teachers. One higher class will be added each year.

Non Formal Education

Adult Education :

Our Foundation was the first to implement the adult education programme in the state, establishing the adult education centers out of its own funds, from the day the national programme was announced by the government of India in 1978. From 1979 impressed by our performance the Government of India has been granting sanction for running adult education centres to be run in different areas of Madras including slums and we ran 100 centres educating over 3000 adult illiterates. Ours is the only institution in the state which runs Urdu Adult education centres besides Tamil Centres.

In December, 1980 we had conducted a Seminar on Non Formal Education when Vice Chancellors, Directors of Non - Formal Ecuation of the Central and our State Governments and State Director of Technical Education and other renowned educationists presented papers.

Tutorial and condensed Courses :

The Foundation has been running the one year tutorial course for S.S.L.C failed women candidates since 1975. Women between 17 and 30 years of age of the economically backward group who have failed in the school final examination in any school are given free coaching and made to reappear. for the primary and middle school dropouts, a two year course is conducted to enable them to appear directly for the ESLC public Examination. A monthly stipend is given to the students.


Computer Centre :

This being the computer age, knowledge in computer applications and programming are the need of the hour. To impart training in this modern vocational field, the computer centre was opened in 1992 for the students and oiffice goers. Manned by qualified staff, this centre offers short term and long term courses.

Twenty five deserving lady students are given free training for Diploma in Computer Applications and for the others it is no profit no loss basis, the fee being one third of what is being charged in other institutions. The students have the benefit of an air conditioned laboratory and the facility of one computer per student with personalised coaching and daily classes.

Secretarial & Talloring Courses :

Seperate institutes of Secretarial courses and tailoring and dress making were started in 1975 for teaching typeweiting and shorthand and training adult women in dress making and embroidery. At the end of the one year course the adult women are sent up for the respective higher and lower government technical examinations. These institutes have become a boon to a large number of women who have found good jobs after training in the various office and garment manufacturing and exporting establishments. In many casses tthe institution has helped their placement through self employment by getting them sewing them sewing machines under its socio economic programme. The trainees are also paid monthly stipend during their training.


Our academy of Indian and Classical languages has been contributing significantly towards our objective of national integration through its seperate institutes of Arabic,Persian,Sanskrit, Tamil and Urdu. These institutes conduct part time classes at different levels not only for the students but also for all men and women. In the year 1982, we had conducted a seminar on the role of Indian and classical languages in national integration. Papers were presently by leading scholars of Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Tamil, hindi, and Urdu languages.

Madrasa - I - Murthuzaviya :

In addition to Arabic language being taught as a part of the curriculum in the formal educational stream in Murthuzaviya Oriental Higher Secondary School, the Masrasa-I-Murthuzaviya started in 1952, imparts part-time education through Arabic language. Arabic teaching at lower level to the beginners is done seperately.

Murthuzaviya Hindi Typewritting and shorthand Institute :

Our Hindi Typewriting and shorthand Institutes is one of three Institutes in Madras which imparts training Hindi typewriting and shorthand for examination of the Hindi prachar Sabha.

Bazme urdu :

The Foundation is running the biggest Urdu medium higher secondary school and primary school of the state. In addition, since 1976, seperate part time classes are conducted for those who are interested in learning this sweet language. To bring out talents in Urdu oratory, debates are held in Urdu. We bring out billingual monthly journal in Urdu and English titled Ziya-e-Murthuzaviya.

Urdu Calligraphy Training Centre :

Impressed by our record of work for the development for Urdu Language, the Bureau of Promotion of Urdu, Government of India sanctioned the establishment of Urdu Calligraphy Training Centre for the state of Tamil Nadu to our Foundation in 1982. Four batches each of 25 trained katibs have already completed their two years training. Each student of this centre is paid blood collected from healthy donors after necessary tests to supply on a non-commercial basis in hour of need.

Unani Dispensary :

This Unani dispensary established in 1975 is manned by qualified doctors. The alling people get not only free consultation but also free medicine. Those requiring hospitalization and specialised treatment are referred to Government hospitals.

Annual Child Health and immunisation Programme :

This is run by our Foundation since 1975. Under this programme every year medical check up is done to about ten thousand sutdents of the age group upto 12 years of different schools and orphanages in and around Madras and also those in the slums with special emphasis on the prevention of nutritional anenias and blindness due to Vitamin A deficiency in children. The children ae given free medicines and tonics and advice on diet and follow up. Immunisation of children against Dyptheria, Tetanus, Whooping cough and measles is also done simultaneously requiring invsetigations and specialised treatment are reffered to the hospitals. The programme is conducted with the kind co-operation of a panel of doctors requisitioned from various hospitals.

Family Welfare Orientation Training Camps :

These Camps are regularly conducted by the Foundation in different parts of the city and suburbs particularly in the slums to educate the opinion leaders and create awareness among the masses about the importance of family welfare, maternity and child care. relevant documentaries and films are screened and connected books and pamphlets are distributed to the opinion leaders.


The Public library established in 1952 has over fifteen thousand volumes in Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine, Logic, Philosophy, Mathematics, History, Mystical Arts, Culture, Geography, Commerce, Management, Economics and literature in different languages. The reading room draws huge crowds where almost all leading dailies and journals of different languages are made available.


Canteen :

1981 saw implementation of our long awaited socio-economic programmes. under self employmnet scheme, a canteen is being run on a no profit no loss basis., which while providing delicious, hygienic, easliy available food and snacks to the staff and students of the various units of the Foundation on very nominal rates, has generated employment opportunities for a number of people.

Tailoring Unit :

Two talloring units were established in 1982 to provide self employment to the destitutes and the Physically handicapped women. Each beneficiary was provided with a new sewing machine and an initial capital. The Foundation also provided technical guidance to the beneficiaries and finds the market to self their tailoring products.


All India Competition in Oriental Studies :

It is gratifying to note that the annual competitions which were being held by our Foundation for South India became an all India affair since 1983. Scholars numbering over three hundred and fifty from top seats of oriental learning from all over India participate in the four days competitions. The first prize in each of the seven items of the competitions is Rs. 1000/- second prize Rs. 750/- and the third prize Rs. 500/- All the scholars and judges are given free boarding and lodging, besides the payment of honoroium and to and fro air and train charges o judges.


In addition, since 1984, for the first time in India, our Foundation is holding international Qirath competitions with the all India competitions. These competitions are h ighly successful Qaris are officially delegated by their respective Governments. The first prize is Rs. 5000/- the second prize is Rs. 2000/- and the third prize Rs. 1000/-


Hifz and Qirath Council :

Under the auspices of this institution Hfz courses are running for memorizing the Holy Quran since 1989. A unique feature of our course is that the students are not prevented from undergoing their formals education. These classes are held in the mornings and evenings and it is heartening that by Allah's grace, four of the students have already memorised the Holy Quran in a matter of nearly three years while undergoing their usual educational courses. They are also taught Qirath and Tajweed.

Hifz for Girls :

Part time classes for memorising the Holy Quran were started for girls in 1993. Presently their timings are only in the evening. Like boys they are provided milk and refreshments all free of cost.

Board of Islamic and Oriental Studies :

The culture and teaching of Orient as compared to the Occident are based on spirtual and moral values. But the modern age is witnessing a drift from this culture which is the cause of pereventions and crisis found around us. Therefore to propagate the culture of the orient and to spread the message of equality, justice and international brotherhood of Islam, the Board and the council were setup in 1952. Since then regular lectures on the teaching of Islam are being hold. Every Friday and on other auspices days congregations are held for women where discussions, lectures and Zikr are conducted.

Endowments :

The following endowments have been created :

1.	Hazrath Moulavi Peer Bahruddin Khadri endowments of 
	Rs. 1,00,000 by Dr. S.K.Khadri Saheb.

2.	Mrs. Mahmooda Khadri endowment of Rs. 1,00,000 by her sons.

3.	Mrs Sofie Ally endowment of Rs. 25,000/- by Mrs. Cassim Sait

4.	Mr. S.A.Subhan endowment of Rs. 10,000/- by Dr. S. Rasheeda

5.	Capt. (Dr.) Md. Rahimullah Endowment for Rs. 10,000/- 
	by her daughter, Mrs. Abida Sulthana for Hifz

6.	Nawab Mohammed Mohamood Endowment of Rs. 2000/- by son Mr. Ikram Mahmood.

Imtiaz-e-Murthuzaviya :

This award has been instituted in 1994 and is being conferred on selected 
personalities of eminence in the fields of literature, education, medicine, social 
work for their outstading service.


There are proposals on hand for the establishment of an institute of Printing technology, working women's hostel and an old age home.

The expenses of the Foundation are met out by government grants, donations from philanthropists, income from endowment and contribution from the Founder. Thus in its own humble way the Foundation is striving to contribute to our national endeavors not only in the field of education, health, socio-economy and culture but also National Integration.


1.	Established an Arabic College.
2.	Established the bissest Urdu medium Higher 
	Secondary School of the state with Arabic as the main language.
3.	Runs the only urdu Calligraphy Training Centre in the state.
4.	The only institution to conduct Urdu Typewriting 
	Classes in the state.
5.	Runs Adult Education Centres in the state mostly being Urdu medium
6.	Conducting Condensed Course for urdu medium S.S.L.C. 
	failed students. (Women)
7.	Vocational training institutions are run for Urdu medium 
	students. (Women)
8.	Classes are conducted in persian
9.	Awards scholarships to students of city colleges with 
	urdu as Part I in degree courses.
10.	Established a public library with over 10,000/- books most 
	of them being in Urdu, Pesian and Arabic languages.
11.	Co-sponsored the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the 
	department of Arabic, Persian, and urdu, university of 
	Madras and the All India U.G.C. Seminar on urdu 
	teaching and research.
12.	Created an endowment in university of Madras for awarding
	scholarships every year to Research Scholars in Urdu,
	Arabic and Persian.
13.	Conducted a three days All India Seminar on the 
	Contribution of Urdu in the building of Modern India.
14.	Held All India Urdu Mushaira and urdu Calligraphy 
	and Books Exhibiton.


Founder President

Alhaaj Dr. S.K.Khadri Saheb

Hony. Secretary & Correspondent

Janab Dr. G.S.M.P.Khadri Saheb

Hony. Treasurer

Janab L.M.S.Mansoor Saheb

Hony. Legal Advisors

Janab Haji A.A.S.Mustafa Saheb
Janab Ikram Mahmood Saheb


Janab Haj Ebrahim Sait Saheb H.A.R.
Janab Haj Ahmed Mohammed Sait Saheb
Janab Haji S.M.Abdul Hye Saheb
Nawab M.Shoukath Saheb
Janab Syed Saifullah Khadri Saheb
Janab Syed Hussain Nawaz Khadri Saheb
Janab Adam Ahmed Sait Saheb
Janab Sayeed Cassim Saheb


Mrs. Zaibunissa Hashim
Mrs. Kaneiz Abdul Khader
Mrs. Asifa Khadri
Mrs. Kalavathi Devi
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