There is No God Except Allah, and Muhammad (Pbuh) is the Prophet of Allah.

We can be special and different from others through Love, Brotherhood and Justice because Islam has provided the standard for Peace and Justice. Universal Peace and Brotherhood is a Prerequisite to spread Islam.

Demonstrate Good Moral and Character rather than Weapons. Lasting Peace can be availed through Complete and Impartial Justice. Muslims to come together according to Islam and spread its message of Peace for Humanity. - Dr Shaikh Saud Al Shuraim (Imam of Holy Makkah)

My Religion
by Abdul Kader Alim

Tamil Article

Even if some non-Muslim has done harm to you, you canít go and kill him. Itís totally against Islam. I believe the worst thing that happened to this country was the Partition; it shouldnít have taken place. It was better for the Muslims, if they lived as one country. I am proud to be an Indian. India is one of the few countries in the world that gives a right to its citizens to preach, practice and follow the religion of their choice. - Dr.Zakir Naik

Courtesy: Manisudar Tamil Newspaper
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