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The National Chamber of Commerce
Second Floor
5 & 6, North Usman Road
T.Nagar, Chennai - 600017
Phone: 044 28344113

The National Chamber of Commerce, Chennai was established in the year 1937-38 mainly to benefit the minority muslim businessmen and exporters of Leather and Handlooms. Later after Independence the membership became open to all without any caste, creed or distinction.

In the long march of 75 years, there have been a galaxy of Presidents and to name a few are, Mr.M.S.Abdul Majeed, Mr.S.M.M. Gani, Mr.K.S.G. Haja Sheriff, Mr.T.Abdul Wahid, Mr.A.G.Seyed Abdul Gaffoor, followed by his illustrious son Mr.Syed Muneer Ahmed the present incumbent.

Mr.T.Abdul Wahid ex.M.P. & Mr.K.S.G.Haja Shariff, ex.M.L.A. were leading industrialists in their respective field and took keen interest in the growth of the Chamber.

The Chamber is proud that Mr.K.S.G.Haja Sheriff later became the President of the Apex body-Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi.

Total Members of the Chamber as on 31st March 2013 is 615.

1. To regularly communicate information relating to Trade, Industry and Commerce thro'circulars & journals and keep the members informed of the State and Central Government notifications and other matters of importance.

2. Our Chamber has been in close liaison with State and Central Government with a view to seek solution of general problems confronting the Industries and Business Community.

3. Trade enquiries as and when received from Ministry of Commerce and as well from different parts of the world regarding Import and Export of various items, are circulated to our members.

4. Rendering yeoman service to the Business Community and also take timely measure to protect the commercial interest of the members by submitting the representations and memorandums to the State and Central Government and also to the concerned authorities whenever problems arise and safeguard the interest of the Trade & Commerce.

5. Our Chamber is also authorised to issue "Certificate of Origin" as one of the agency for Exporters certifying shipment of Export goods, authority for issue of commercial Certificates, recommend Visa for business trip abroad. This facility is being increasingly utilised by exporters who are mainly our members.

6. As a members of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce, & Industry (FICCI) New Delhi; and along with the Associated Chamber of Commerce, (ASSOCHAM), New Delhi participate and interact in their numerous programmes, meetings, seminars etc. The Chamber nominates it's members to FICCI's various sub-committees, and also nominate delegates for the meetings.

7. Along with other Chambers of the City, a Consultative Committee of City Chambers of Commerce (CCCCC) has been established and as one of the constituent every six years by rotation. The National Chamber of Commerce gets to hold the Chairmanship. Under the auspicious of the CCCCC, joint decisions are take to resolve certain major issued, hold joint meetings and submit joint memorandums benefitting the business and industry nation wide.

We are having a membership of about 500 members, who are importers, Exporters and Traders of various commodities, Industrialists, Leading Businessmen in Leather, Finished Leather, Pharmaceuticals, Garments, Textiles, Handloom, Skin & Hides, Car spares & Machineries, Processed Foods etc.

Our members apart from businessmen and industrialists are also from different walks of life, more particularly professionals viz., Doctors, Advocates, Chartered Accountants and Engineers.

To support the chamber in it's activities and to accumulate funds a charitable trust has been formed in the year 1990 named as National Chamber of Commerce Trust. This trust supported the chamber in organising the Exhibition, performing the Golden Jubilee Celebration and purchase of it's premises at T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017.

Committed To India's Growth Economy, Commerce & Industry

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Patron -in-Chief

His Highness Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali

Office Bearers (2012 - 2015)

Mr.Syed Muneer Ahmed

Vice Presidents
Mr.Harish L.Metha
Mr.Harbans Singh Anand
Mr.Syed Moinuddin
Mr.A.Mohamed Ashraf
Mr.Muniruddin Sheriff

Hony. Secretaries
Mr.Abdul Hafiz Khan
Mr.Mohammed Ruhullah



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