Prophets Mentioned In The Holy Qur'an

S.# Qur'anic Name Biblical Equivalent

All prophets of God were chosen from amongst the people to deliver God's revelation to mankind. (Only some are mentioned in the scriptures by name) They were righteous and pious men who upheld the law and believed in the Oneness of God and worshipped no other God except God. One may ask the Question, "Why so many prophets?" The answer to this question is not so simple. However I will try and explain it here.

The Holy Qur'an supports the creation of life on this planet through evolution however the creation of mankind is an exclusive event. Adam was created in heaven by God with the command, "Be" and he was. From the rib of Adam God created Eve a companion. Now Adam and Eve were Genetically perfect human beings when they were placed on this planet and for the propagation of the human race it was permissible for their children to inter-marry. However over progressive generations the Genetic code started degenerating (as it does when siblings procreate) Thus revelation was sent down to humanity to forbid certain things that were allowable to them before for the benefit of humanity itself by God.

Another reason is that when humankind arrived on this planet, it was alien to this world and did not know of what the planet contained. So as humanity discovered newer things God through revelation let them know the commandments which were applicable to them pertaining these new discoveries humanity was making. This fact is backed up by Sociology which tells us that every human is born without any prior knowledge of this world but is taught by his/her surroundings and company.

Yet another reason was to reaffirm the law on to people who had in the past gone astray. For example the Children of Israel (Jews) were sent Jesus to reaffirm the law which Moses had brought them beforehand.

The final part is that each and every nation on this planet originated from Adam and Eve's offspring and so they traveled and explored the planet and got settled in different parts. So a prophet was chosen for each of these tribes and nations from within their own people. All the prophets carried the same message of 'Worshipping only one God, The God' and they would always mention the prophets before and the one to come after them as well.

In short the revelation was sent in parts and through so many prophets to facilitate humanity's understanding, learning and growing process.

1. Al-Yas Elisha
2. Ayub Job
3. Dawud David
4. Dhul-Khifl Dhul-kifl
5. Harun Aaron
6. Hud Hud
7. Ibrahim Abraham
8. Idris Enoch
9. Iliyas Elias
10. Isa Jesus
11. Ishaq Issac
12. Isma'il Ishmael
13. Lut Lot
14. Musa Moses
15. Nuh Noah
16. Saleh Salih
17. Shu'aib Shuaib
18. Sulaiman Solomon
19. Uzair Ezra
20. Ya'qub Jacob
21. Yahya John
22. Yunus Jonah
23. Yusuf Joseph
24. Zakariya Zachariya
25. Mohammed Mohammed or Ahmed

For We assuredly sent amongst every People an apostle, (with the Command), Serve Allah, and eschew Evil: of the People were some whom Allah guided, and some on whom error became inevitably (established). So travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who denied (the Truth). - 16:36

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