The Sachar Committee report had highlighted the poor condition of muslim communities across India. The community's share in the realms of education, jobs and business is vastly below its presence in the overall population. Number of people from the community living below the poverty line is above the national average. So goes the woe list.

The fact is it did not require a Sachar Committee to bring out all this to our attention. To anyone with eyes and ears, all this was apparent. So it must have been to our community leaders and the Secular leadership. Yet, for all these years, most energy had been spent in peripheral and non-issues - such as getting a holiday declared for Prophet's birthday, increasing the Haj quota every year, free doles, renaming a district with a muslim leader's name and constructing mousoleum for the dead.

In recent years, a great deal of attention has been paid to the issue of reservation of jobs and seats in government departments and educational institutions for muslims. This is a bread-and-butter issue - with the potential to impact the lives of thousands. Muslims in many states have been successful in getting some reservation implemented. This is an improvement on the tokenism which muslims had clamored for in the past.

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Justice Rajindar Sachar Committee Report On Indian Muslims

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Sachar Committee Report revealed that Muslims were one of the most economically backward and socially disadvantaged communities, nothing much has been done to address the development deficits of this community.

The report of this Committee laid to rest this long-orchestrated political untruth, by demonstrating that on most socio-economic indicators, the average condition of Muslims in India was comparable to or even worse than the country's acknowledged, historically most disadvantaged communities, the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

It found poverty to be the main barrier to education among Muslims, as little children are expected to work to support the family, rather than study. There are not many good quality government schools in Muslim areas, and fewer residential hostels and exclusive girls' schools. Promises To Keep & If We Walk Together

For my Protector is Allah, Who revealed the Book (from time to time), and He will choose and befriend the righteous. Holy Quran 7:196

India's Spectacular Diversity Must Be Visible In Its Public Spaces

Courtesy: Muslim Murasu Tamil Monthly Magazine
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