5, Prof Subramaniam Street,
Kilpauk, Chennai - 600010
Phone: 26411520 / 26411718

The Razeena Matriculation Higher Secondary School run by the Muslim Educational Society, Madras Unit, is a minority institution catering to the needs of the socially and economically backwards students of all communities. It is now on the Map of Madras City Schools having achieved 100 % results in the Matriculation Examinations.

We are happy to possess the Certificate of Merit for the same and this is no doubt a tribute to the unflagging spirit and dedication of our Management, Academic Staff and Student Body. We cherish old values and traditions and inculcate in our students qualities of courtesy, understanding and respect which leads towards general harmony. We hope and pray this school will soon be an illustrious institution and every child who passes out of this school will look back and feel proud of his/her Alma Mater.

The strength of the school is 486 and is now a recognised School under the Directorate of school Education. The School provides education for boys & girls from L.K.G. to Xth Standard and the medium of instruction is English. To encourgae the weaker sections of our school, as many Scholarships have been instituted by the school, MES Ladies Wing, a well Wisher and by the staff of the School.


our Teachers give their truly complete service capability to their students and we do have good relationship with parents. Every child, gets a fair deal and instant response from the teachers. A very strict dicipline is maintained amongh the students.

We offer Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi & Urudu as Second Language and have Arabic & Quranic study for Muslim students while the others have Moral Instructions. School Calender is supplied to every student and it is a bridge between the parent and the student. The school conducts 3 Quarterly and 3 mid-term examinations apart from periodic tests and we have open days after each to discuss the problems of students with parents.

We have made one more beginning in starting a health Check up and the boys & girls were examined by three eminent Doctors, Dr. Muhamed Ali, Dr. Abdul Jaleel & Dr. (Mrs) Nafeesa Beevi and treatement & medicines where necessary were prescribed.

The patient will rule the world.Think before you leap.There is no downward journey for those who keep trying.

Holy Quran - 4.36

Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good, and to relatives, orphans, the needy, the near neighbor, the neighbor farther away, the companion at your side, the traveler, and those whom your right hands possess. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are self-deluding and boastful. Holy Quran - 4.36

ePq;fs; my;yh`;it tzq;fp topgLq;fs;. mtNdhL vjidAk; ,izahf;fhjPHfs;. jha; je;ijaplk; ey;ytpjkhf ele;J nfhs;Sq;fs;. cwtpdUlDk; eakhf ele;J nfhs;Sq;fs;" (4:36)
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