Ten Attitudes of Top-Achievers
by Brian Tracy

If you think the same way as the top achievers think, you can begin to get the same results they do. Here are ten psychological and practical ways to mirror the attitudes of top-achievers.

1. See yourself as a consultant rather than a salesperson. Believe that you are a problem-solver with regard to your business and how the client can best use it.

2. Become a `doctor' of your business. Act in the best interests of your "patients" and have a high code of ethics.

3. See yourself as the president of your own corporation. Accept 100 percent responsibility for your results.

4. Commit yourself to being the best in your field. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning.

5. Be ambitious, hungry, and determined to use your business as a stepping-stone to the success you want in life.

6. Have integrity. Be honest with yourself and others.

7. Engage in thorough preparation prior to every call.

8. Be an excellent listener; be extremely customer-focused.

9. Have tremendous courage. Be willing to face your fears of rejection and failure, and overcome them.

10. Be highly persistent. Start your workday earlier, work harder, and stay longer.

To make these changes work you must walk, talk, and behave consistently with them every hour of every day.

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Ten Tips To Achieve Success

 Think positive

 Shun extremism

 Don't postpone things

 Face challenges boldly

 Talk less and work more

 Maintain  balanced  diet

 Develop self - confidence

 Plan the work and work the plan

 Learn to overcome failure gracefully

 Concentrate and be consistent in studies

Say: O followers of the Book! be not unduly immoderate in your religion, and do not follow the low desires of people who went astray before and led many astray and went astray from the right path. Holy Quran - 5:77

1) First things first. Do not pile up the issues and solve them immediately.

2) Use the intuition. Practice the analytical skill with intuition to decide the course.

3) Utilize the opportunities. Opportunities are rare, be alert and utilize them in full extend.

4) Be courageous. Bold enough to express the right thing and be impartial.

5) All are not same. Donít expect people to be perfect and allow them to learn.

6) Donít expect kindness. World will never be kind to us and donít expect any favour.

7) Donít confuse. Balance the life and be organized. Todayís life should not be a worry for tomorrow.

8) Quality in life. Life should be quality driven and not money driven.

9) Principles centered life. Live with the principles and practice them with characters.

10) Believe in destiny. Noting can happen except what has been destined (by God).

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