Managing Time To Achieve Goals

By adopting the following strategies, you will save time, reduce stress and create more of what you want.

1. Each week, review your goals and link them to your activities for the week.

2. Ask yourself if each activity takes your closer to your goals. Prioritize those activities that contribute most to the achievement of your goals.

3. Set deadlines for all critical activities and meet them.

4. Each day, plan your schedule for the next day to support your goals. Allow flexibility to handle "emergencies" by leaving room to respond to last-minute changes.

5. Schedule creative or challenging activities for your peak hours. For example, if you're a morning person, negotiate early and return calls in the afternoon.

6. Do less. Delegate the things that others can do. Use delegation to help other employees grow and take on more responsibility.

7. Take charge of interruptions. If possible, schedule a time later to address the situation and ask the person to return then.

8. Plan phone calls. Make them one at a time. Jot down what you hope to accomplish before calling. Leave detailed messages indicating a call-back window of time. Put calls on hold on speakerphone.

9. Set up paper flow to reduce the possibility of a logjam. Hire an organizational consultant to help you manage the paper flow if necessary.

Source: Patricia Haddock


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