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Sunday, July 30, 2000

News about Kayalpattinam Ham Radio Society

This is a very brief article that had appeared in the regional newspaper Maharashtra Times.
Newsgroup Times
Newspaper Maharashtra Times
Date of publication 30 July 2000
Name of the article Akashwani at home!
Website www.maharashtratimes.com

The article appeared in the supplement named ‘Maifal’ (page 7). The author is Mr. Girish Kuber (girishkuber@indiatimes.com), for the column ‘Hello Internet’. This column generally carries reviews of various sites on the World Wide Web dealing with a particular topic, authored by the same person. an approximate summary follows. The author begins the article by listing the help made available by HAM enthusiasts when then Dam at Morvi in Gujarat broke, leading to the loss of the local communications network. This is followed by a general description of what is Ham and the uses that it can be put to.

Now begins the review of various sites related to this topic.

This site is a good site for beginners. It contains considerable information about everything that you can do on entering this field. Using HF radio, you can chat with anyone in the world, become a member of a radio-club in your state/country, show a little more technical expertise and start your own TV center... etc. It is an excellent site to lay your foundations.

This site is for those who already belong to this field. It contains information regarding ham clubs, people to contact, available equipment, etc.

3. www.hamradio.com:
This site is for selling products related to this hobby.

4. www.eham.net:
This site is again for those in the hobby. It has an extensive Ham net linked to itself.

They pride themselves to be ‘in the service of Ham since 1992’. They have a huge Ham database along with a search engine to lookup ham users.

6. www.qsl.net/vu2kyp:
After having been to all the aforementioned sites, do not forget to pay this site a visit. This site belongs to our southern ‘Kayalpattinam Ham Radio Society’. It is a place of congregation for Ham users in and around Kayalpattinam. It is very properly organized. Keeping in mind the Indian needs, this site has posted information regarding What is amateur radio?, What are its benefits?, Who can join this field?, What should one do for joining up?, Which exams to appear for in order to advance in this field?, Which government body to contact for this purpose?, etc. In addition to this, the site has also listed the names of the society’s office-bearers along with their Call Sign, to make it easy for people to contact them.

This site is an excellent example of how the net can be used to its fullest capability [as an information medium]. Primarily, this site is the southern way to decrease the Western influence in this field. Something every one should follow.

Courtesy - Mr.Devdutt.L.Parab (Mumbai)

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