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Photo Gallery -5

Thirukkural - 327

This page contains pictures taken on differnt occasions.

Please click on the pictures below to view them in full size.
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My old photo - SSM  Sadaqathullah
My Son Shaikh Shamsudeen Mackie
My Son

Voyage to Port Blair, Andaman Island by M.V.Nancowry ship to attend UEF meeting on Sep 1993
M.V.Nancowry Ship
Iam standing in entrance at Ocean Park, Hongkong on May 1990
Ocean Park
Iam standing in front side of house boat at Alleppey backwater on 24th August 2008
Cruise at Alleppey
Standing L to R - Haji OV Shaik Shamsudeen,Haji Mamuna Lebbai,Haji Syed Ali Koya,Haji Pirabu Sulthan. Kneeling L to R - Haji Pirabu Mohideen,Shaikh - VU2SDU,Haji OV Uvais (Open Terrace Floor at My Residence,Muthumari Street)
Pirabu Sulthan
UEF AGM was held at Alleppey backwater Cruise on 24th August 2008
UEF Meeting
Shaikh Shamsudeen Mackie son of O.V. Uvaisna Lebbai
My Nephew
EID Festival gathering at Kayalpattinam beach
Kayal Beach
Iam standing in front of Koman Kaja house at Koman Street, Kayalpatnam

My brother SSM Uvais daughter's UL Zainab marriage reception held at Bride residence, LF Road, Kayalpatnam 0n 24/09/2011. Haji VMS Ameen, Haji LKS Syed Ahmed, Haji SSM Uvais, Haji VSA Dawood and Haji Kaleel Ibrahim
LKS Syed Ahmed
Lions Club of Mylapore organized Independence Day Celebrations at MOP Iyengar Primary School,Triplicane on 15/08/2009. PDG.Ln.N.Shankar hoisted the National Flag.
Independence Day 2009

Eid Milan  party on 11th Sep 2011 at Hotel Taj Connemara, Chennai. (L to R) Mr.Basheer Ahmed (UCMAS), Mr. KA 
Wadood (Zenath), Alhafil Jb.Sulaiman Alim (ETA - Dubai), Dr. Syed Khaleelullah Khadri, Dr. Moin Khadri
Eid Milan 2011
Empowering Changemakers with Resource Info Orientation Programme held at Chennai 0n 23/03/2011. Memento presented to Mr.Ahmed, Trustee of Thulir Special School.
Advocate Ahmed

If a Muslim plants a tree or sows a field and men, birds and beast eat from it, all of it is a charity on his part. -Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah . Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. Holy Quran 2:115

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