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Chemmozhi Tamil Poem

English Translation of Chemmozhi Song

All living things are born equal

Every place on earth is our hometown, everyone on earth are related

A handful of food can fill our stomach; 
Two clothes are enough to cover our body

You only need one place to live

We have lived remembering these things, we worked hard all our lives

Good and bad arenít caused by others (but are a result of our actions)

Its our beautiful language that told us this. its our golden language

To push the war and hatred behind us 
and make all wealth available to everyone

Ours is a lovable language that taught us peace.. 
itís the mother tongue of Saint Thiruvalluvar

The classical Tamizh language

Itís characters depict the body structure of a 
one-sensed insect to a six sensed human being

Olga pugazh, Tholkappiyam and the matchless Thirukural 
(all ancient tamil literatures) teach us high values

The resounding anklet, Meghalayum and sindhamani (tamizh literatures)

ValayapathiÖ Kundalakesiyum (names of Tamizh literatures)

The classical Tamizh language

Its a language that stands for Kambar, Avvai (Classical poets), 
a thousand poems that praises all religions, 
and the weavers who weave our new clothes 

The classical Tamizh language

It beautifully splits and explains the way we need to 
lead our personal and public life,
Itís a language thatís close to our heart 
and its ever widely spoken language..
Itís our language.. and that is..

The classical Tamizh language

Tamizh language.. Itís our Tamizh language.. 
Let it live on forever..Let Tamizh live on forever


"Chemmozhiyaana Tamizh Mozhiyaam" is a special song composed by AR Rahman for the "World Classical Tamil Conference" with the lyrics penned by Cheif Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidi. It encapsulates the contributions of Tamil Culture and Literature down the ages. The song begins with the lyrics, All are equal by birth they should live as one race.

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