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World Blood Donor Day

The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Chairman Thiru. R. Nataraj, IPS and Dr. Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, (VU2 MED) Vice Chancellor, The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, presented Certicate of Appreciation to me on the occassion of World Blood Donor Day held on 14th June 2012 at The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Guindy, Chennai.

World Blood Donor Day on 14th June 2012

This Certificate of Appreciation awarded to me on the occassion of World Blood Donor Day celebration held on 14th June 2012 at The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Guindy, Chennai.

World Blood Donor Day on 14th June 2012

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated June 14th every year. It is an opportunity to express gratitude to those who donate their blood in order to save lives, without expecting anything in return. The event on 14 June provides a special opportunity for a united, global celebration on a day that has particular significance: the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, Austrian biologist and physician and Nobel prize winner who discovered the ABO blood group system.

World Blood Donor Day on 14th June 2012

Thiru.Saidai Duraisamy, Respected Mayor of Chennai Corporation greeted me on the occassion of World Blood Donor Day organised by Indian Red Cross Society (Tamil Nadu Branch) on 14th June 2012 at Red Cross Campus - Egmore, Chennai.

Thiru. Saidai Duraisamy, Mayor of Chennai Corporation and Dr.A. Muruganathan, Vice President - Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu State Branch

Donated blood to 6 year old Girl Child at Government Children Hospital, Egmore, Chennai on 8th June 2012.

Donated blood at Government Children Hospital, Chennai on 8th June 2012

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Besides helping the society to the extent possible through words, mind and body, we ought to uplift the lives of people dependant on us. -Sri Ramana Maharshi

Trees bear fruit for the sake of others, rivers flow for the sake of others, cows produce milk for others. This body is (only) for doing good to others. - Bhartrihari

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: Feed the Hungry - Give drink to the Thirsty - Clothe the Naked - Shelter the Homeless - Care for the Sick - Visit those in Prison - Bury the Dead.

The following greetings / comments are sent by friends and well-wishers to encourage me to continue this service. May Almighty God give me strength to do this service till my death. Aameen!

God bless you. -C. Uma Shankar IAS

Good. Best wishes. -VK. Jeyakodi IAS

Thats the spirit. -Sailin Gudhka (VU2SGW)

Great. God bless you. -S. Vijaya Kumar IAS

Good work keep it up. -Narenthiran Nayar IPS

God bless you. Khuda Hafiz. -K. Rajaraman IAS

A good serviece indeed. -Dr. Habibullah (Thuckalai)

Great. -Bawa Syed Mubarak IFS (Former Haj Consul)

May Allah reward you for the deeds. -NZ Asiammal IPS

Congrats and great service. -Gagandeep Singh Bedi IAS

Congrats great work keep it up. -R. Nataraj IPS (TNPSC)

Very good service keep it up. -Nagamuthu Deepan (VU2DPN)

Allah bless you for the blood donation. -N.Ratnavel (VU2RTM)

Congrats. -Padma Bhushan Moosa Raza IAS (IICC / New Delhi)

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Very good. Keep it up. I appreciate your service. TK. Rajendran IPS

Congratulations. Keep it up. Prof. Semumu Mohammad Ali (TMSM)

Congratulations. God bless you. -KN. Venkataramanan IAS (VU3KVD)

Hats off to you for the wonderful work. -Dr. Mohan Rajan (Ophthalmologist)

Great of you dear, fantastic - God bless you. 73s - de -KM. Devadas (VU2DH)

Allah will shower His Rahmath & Barakath. -M.Abul Hasan IAS (Periapatnam)

May the Almighty bless all your noble efforts. -BSA. Ahmed Buhari (Coal & Oil)

Glad to know it was your 40th. Keep up the good work. -Dr. P. Senthil Kumar IAS

Congrats. May Allah bless you & your blood donor tribe. -Malik Feroze Khan IAS

Very nice of you Sheikh, God bless the child and you too. -Satyan Sarath (VU3MES)

God Bless you dear with Good health and happiness for ever. -Varadarajan (VU3ITI)

Great news! May allah reward you here and the here after. -Ahmed Salahuddin (ETA)

You have been crowned for your devoted service. -Hajee Abdul Jaleel (Nagapattinam)

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Hearty congratulations brother on well deserved recognition. -Ujagar Singh IAS (VU2UJS)

Dear Mr. Shaikh, Congratulations!! Regards. -Dr. KM Cherian (Frontier Lifeline Hospital)

May Allah give you rewards both in Dunya and in Aakhira. -M. Abdul Rahman MP (IUML)

Wonderful. The Almighty work through you to save lives. -Dr. S. Suresh / VU2FSS (Mediscan)

Dear Sadakath, Congratulations! Keep up the good work. -DR. RR Sasikanth (Opthamologist)

All the very best. Your public conscience and munificence are laudable. -K. Radha Krishnan IPS

Silently doing community service (Sathame ellame samuthaya thondu). -Mohan Baker (VU3MOA)

Congratulations ! may the Almighty bless in all your endevoures. -Mohammed Afzal (Parveen Travels)

Really you are great. My hearty greetings to you. Almighty will shower blessings. -Veerapandian (Sun TV)

Good of you Shaikh. The donation of blood gives great happiness to both donor and donee. -SC. Babu (VU2SCB)

Masha Allah! May Allah Reward your good deeds with his very best Insha Allah! -PMB Mohideen Abdul Khader

Congrats for your loving and service to the humanity. God bless you. With regards, - Micheal Vetha Siromony IAS

Saying of Swami Sidbavanandar

May God bless you and yours for the noble cause you are undertaking. -Srinivasan Krishnadayalu Vittal (VU2KSV)

Great. Congratulations and salute you for your humane act of donating blood to the needy. -Ponraj Vellaichamy (Srivilliputhur)

Maasha Allah, Barakallahu feeka. May Allah give the speedy recovery and health to the child also. -Ustad. Zafar Rahmani (Singapore)

Salam, Maasha Allah, your service well appreciated. May Allah reward you in this world and Aakhirath. -Thaika Ubaidullah (Hong kong)

Dear Sadakatullah, AAWRWB. May Allah reward you for the laudable service. Keep it up. -Shariffa Azeez (Director, Crescent Girls School)

Very nice to know you are giving very rare blood group to a child thats also 40th time. Congrats, Keep it up Shaikh. -Christy Reuso (VU3USI)

May Almighty Allah give you the courage to serve the humanity. May you live long. Regards, -Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali (Prince of Arcot)

Congrats bhai you are always a selfless worker and a good person. God Bless! - Prakash M Swamy (Diplomatic correspondent, United Nations)

Congrats. I used to be a regular donor in my college days. Blood donation is the best of all donations. -Sudha Ramalingam (Human Rights Lawyer)

Congratulations for well deserved recognition which I hope motivates others to join our group. Regards, -Alphonse Kurian (Lions Club of Bangalore)

Baarakallaahulaka. Shall Allah accept your sacrifices and grant further chances for more and more sacrifices in His path. -Abdul Maliq (Principal, New College)

Blood is thicker than water. Blood is Life and so on. In this true sadaqa of Sadaqathaullah, May Allah SWT give him happiness Here and in the Hereafter. Ameen! - MKEM Abubucker Siddiq (Kilakarai)

Assalamu alaikkum, I do appriciate your amal-e-saliha. You have the heart to give and share what posses as a rarity. May Almighty Allah reward you with Jannah. -Justice GM. Akbar Ali (Madras High Court)

I had seen your philanthropist on our kayal web. Maasha Allah. Realy very good achievement. We pray Almigthy Allah to give you very good health & long life to do many more. -Imtiaz Ahmed Ismet (ETA - Melco / UAE)

You have done it so many times. I very much appreciate you and pray to Allah Almighty to give more power to your arms to serve the whole mankind more effectively. Khuda Hafiz. -Syed Muthahar Saqaf (The Hindu / Trichy)

Assalamualyakum Rahmathullahi wa Barkathahu. Congratulations, may Allah subhahanahutaala may bless you be successful in all your works. Ameen. Masha Alla, JazaakAlla Khayarah. Alhamdulilla de Syed Mohiddin Basha (VU2VIZ)

May Allah reward you and your family with all His merciful blessings and rahmath. I always remember you in my prayers and love you for this great noble deed. May Allah always make you a 'giver'. Ameen . -PMJF Lion LKS Syed Ahmed (LKS Gold House)

Great. Congratulations Dear. Keep up the good work. May God Bless You. -Hidayah Ali (9W2HM), -Ravi Krishnan (VU2RAI), -Harsha Manyam (VU2ISR), -Aslam (VU2AXL), -Madhu Mohan (VU2UWZ), -Joy Chandran (VU3JOY), -Krishnama Raja Pethu Raja (VU2KPR), -Anantha Krishnan (VU2MTS), -G. Ram Mohan (VU2GRM), -T. Jaisakthivel (SWL / Assistant Professor / Manonmaniam Sundaranar University)

May Allah bless you and accept your good deeds. Maasha Allah, Allahu Akbar! -Khalid AK Buhari (Seethakathi Trust), -Justice KN Basha (Madras High Court), -SM. Hidayathullah (Congress), -Naser @ Vaseegaran (Chennai Metro Newspaper), -Gokul (West Asia Maritime), -Thaika Lebbai (Kilakarai), -Dasthagir (Pallack Jewellers), -JM Iqbal (Ahmed & Co), -Mohammed Nayeemur Rahman (Klassik Group), -TAS. Abubacker (Lions Club of Kayalpatnam), -Palayam Musthafa (United Sports Club), -Dr. Ismail (Kayalpatnam Medical Trust Hospital), -Pirabu Sulthan (Kayalpatnam United Muslim Council), -Vilakku Dawood @ Haji, -Arabi Mohammed Saleh, -Kulam MA. Syed (Printer), -Abdul Kayoom Muhammed (Pacific Builders), -Jainul Abdeen (Kayalpatnam), KAR Syed (Diamond Publicities), Dr. A. Muruganathan (Indian Red Cross Society - TN), S.K. Prabhakar IAS, K. Dhanavel IAS, Dr. M. Parthasarathy (Modern Ortho Care).

On receiving this appreciation from Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University, friends and well-wishers from across the world and different walks of life - greeted me in various ways: sms, email, facebook and phone. I thank them all. May God reward you all with good (Jazakallah Khair).

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