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Awards Page -2

Thanks to everyone that thought my site was good enough to have these Awards I will keep them on my site with honors.Please click on the awards below to visit these lovely people's home on the net. It is very much appreciated. I don't alter my Awards in any way form or fashion. I post them as I recive them.

IT9MRM's Golden Excellent Web Award

Dear Webmaster, Shaikh VU2SDU
I can wish you my great Congratulation! I see your site’s and i give you is a very excellent layout and a good design! Excellent contents! Is a honour to send you my Web Award for your creations. Thank's and Best regards!

The Webmaster MondoRadioMania,
Albert Mattei, IT9MRM

Peace & Harmony Awards

Hello Shaikh,
It was a great pleasure to view your website. As a Christian it was very interesting to read so much about the Islam. We have a lot of in common what sadly a lot of people don't know.
We have voted to have you in our winnerslist under merit level congratulations.
Thank your for your interest in our program.
Regards, Friso and Team

Richard's Award

Dear Shaikh. Yes I remember you and looking at your home page from time to time. And it's nice design and interesting to see all information. Your pages are entertaining and presented well. It's cool. In recognition of your hard work and effort in designing a great page, I like to award you with 'Richard's Award for COOL Design'. I did put you on the winner list of my Award. Have a great time and take care. Best regards, Richard (SM5 BVU)

Ron's Ham Web Award

Hello Shaikh! Congratulations on a very well designed site. I have added your site to "W5WWW'S Best of the Best" WINNERS LIST which can be viewed at http://www.qsl.net/w5www/hamwinners.html It is GREAT to have a site from India on the WINNERS LIST! Many thanks Shaikh for applying for W5WWW's best of the best in Ham Radio award and keep up the GREAT work on your site. Very 73es--Ron/W5WWW

K5KOY Award

Hello dear Shaikh, and thank you for your award submission. I have reviewed your site and congratulations! You have qualified for my BRONZE award! Thanks for supporting Amateur radio, and 73 de Koy-K5KOY

KB9 OCQ Award

Congratulations, Your site has been chosen for kb9ocq's Ham Award #4.
Dale Catron (KB9 OCQ)

Tim Award

Hello, I would like to present you with my award. I hope you enjoy it.
I have also added you to my Award Winner's Page: http://www.angelfire.com/ms3/n5ycn/awardwinners.html
73's Tim

WM8C Gold Award Diamond Award

You've qualified for a Web Design Award. After reviewing your site you received the following scores:
Professionalism (consistency of theme throughout site) = 20pts
Navigation (ease of navigation and lack of need to use "back" button in browser) = 20 pts
Page load time (less than 30 secs. at 56K) = 20 pts
General design (uniqueness of site - overall look and feel) = 17 pts
Content (interest to the General public) = 14 pts. Total score = 91 pts.

Over all you have a very nice site Shaikh. Hope to see you on the bands as well. I am also awarding you the Gold Heavenly Hamsite Award for sites having ham radio content. Again congratulations on receiving an award! You should be proud as many do not receive a sufficient minimum score. I hope you take as much pride in receiving this award as I do in providing it. To add WM8C's Ham Links & More

Kevin - MW3AFR

Hi "Shaikh",
Many congratulations on your really great site.So much information and a great pleasure to visit.I have pleasure offering you my "Creative Excellence" award. Thank you for applying for my award, and best wishes to you and family from Wales. U.K
Kevin - MW3AFR

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me; Let them also, with a will, listen to My call, and believe in Me; That they may walk in the right way.Holy Quran - 2:186

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