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Awards Page -5

I would like to thank the reviewing Judge(s) and Panel(s) for their time spent reviewing my Web site. I value all feedback. I understand the dedication reviewing award panel judges exhibit by giving of their own free time to review Web sites such as mine. In retrospect, I have made this gallery to display the fine award graphic images my web site has received. Please visit their site by clicking on the award.

Newbie Award

Hello Shaikh,
Thank you for applying for my web award. I just wanted to say congratulations...! You have earned my "Newbie" website award..! I enjoyed my visit to your site.. I appreciate your generosity to others.. Keep up the good work.. Thanks..! Best Regards,
Candy "Deniz" Celik

Content Award

Congratulations Shaikh! You have won the Content Award for the homepage of Shaikh at www.sadaqathullah.com. You have an Excellent resource site, well laid out and easy to navigate. Again Congratulations on your Content Award! Job well done!

All4All Award

Hello, First we would like to thank you for choosing our awards. We reviewed your site and decided to give you the requested award: Thanks again for choosing our award. Awards Team

Clean World Award

Your Site has scored Enough Points to win the Clean World Award.

Golden Arrow Award

Your site won the Golden Arrow award from awards club.
Thank you for using Awards Club.

Chris Gold Award

Hello, You recently applied for Chriss Superb Page award at www.chrissshack.com. I have reviewed your site and I am pleased to announce you are a WINNER! Your page has met and or exceeded ALL of the qualifications and expectations to receive my GOLD AWARD. Again, Congratulations on your lates win!! Thank you for your time, Chris Kaiser

Exclusive Images Award

Dear Shaikh: Congratulations on Winning My Brooklyn Clips Exclusive Images Award! Your Site was Wonderful. I really enjoyed it alot! You have taken alot of time and put in alot of effort and it really shows!! Best Wishes
MARIA @ Brooklyn

Silver Bird Award

Assalamu Alaikkum,
Thank you for the award application and we congratulation you to MIBīs silver award and the friendship award for a well done site with a lot of good information, Best wishes.
Mohamad and Inga-Britt

Mibs Friendship Award

Golden Globe Award

Your Site has scored Enough Points to win the golden globe Award.
Thank you for entering.

Golden Globe Award

Good Site Award

Warm Greetings to you Shaikh. Am most delighted to award your site an additional awards as it does prove to be a helpful site. Best wishes and keep up the good work.
Avril Elaine Reynolds

Helpful Site Award

He it is Who sends blessings on you, as do His angels, that He may bring you out from the depths of Darkness into Light: and He is Full of Mercy to the Believers. Holy Quran - 33:43

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