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My humblest thanks to all those who have taken the time to evaluate my website. Each evaluation encourages me to strive to improve. Regardless of previous winnings, each and every award is appreciated and accepted with delight. Thank you so much. Please take the time to visit these Award sites as they are indeed an example of what is good on the Internet today.


Hello: Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD" Congratulations,
The Web Select Team

TOL Achievement Award

Your site has been thoroughly viewed and judged and I am pleased to inform you that your site has been approved for the following award/logo: Achievement / Family Safe Rating.

A site that meets the navigation, content, graphic quality, page layout and design has made the internet more enjoyable. Your site impressed me with meeting the required criteria. Again congratulations and a job well done!

TOL Family Safe Rated

Sea Shell Gold Award

Dear Shaikh Sadaqathullah, I am more than pleased to award you the Gold for your site. I found it very informative and well put together and I feel it is a credit to you. Shalom and best wishes :) ~Kathy

World Wide Web Award

We are very happy to tell you, that we find your site to be a worthy recipient of our new World Wide Web Award. We must say that you have done a very nice work, so we are proud to present you with this new Award. Keep up the good work, and keep inspiring webmasters of the future. Best regards,
The WWWA Team

Grandpa Chuck Award

"Shaikh, I found your web site to be very educational and informative! Excellent work in covering a number of topics." Congratulations!
Grandpa Chuck

George Award

Hi Shaikh, Thanks for applying for my award. Your site has met the criteria for the award and has won! I found your site is indeed excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I especially liked the cleanness and ease of navigation of your site. Very refreshing. You have done a great job on your site. Best regards, George

Touched My Heart Award

Your website was very inspirational to me, so you have won my award!
I hope you like it. Thanks and congratulations,

ASR Award

Hello Shaikh, Your Web Site is considered worthy to carry The Prestigious ASR Total Web Service's Top Site Award. A Great Site, Definitely a Top Site! Kind Regards,
Tony Rigby - ASR Total Web Services.

Karen Award

Hi, Many thanks for applying for one of my awards. Your site is wonderful and I can see you've put alot of work and effort into it. I'm awarding you my 2002 Award. I'm also awarding you my Golden Diamond Award. Keep up the great work.

Diamond Award

Award Of Humanity Award Of Peace

And among His Signs is this, that heaven and earth stand by His Command: then when He calls you, by a single call, from the earth, behold, ye (straightway) come forth.Holy Quran - 30:25

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