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I am honored to receive these beautiful awards. I shall display them happily. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Thank you for both the encouragement and support when I needed them the most.

Silver Award

Hi, After reviewing your site we have decided to award you our Silver Award, nice site keep up the good work.

Excellence Web Site Awards

Your site has been submitted for review for an "Excellence" award. The Excellence award considers sites for interest, content and quality. We recognise that many hours and days of hard work go into creating a site often out of a love of a subject or area. CONGRATULATIONS! - Your site has been considered by our review panel and has been awarded an "Excellence" award. Well Done on your web site, we hope you choose to display the award with pride.
The Excellence Award Team

Excellence Web Site Awards

Congratulations, I have viewed your site and find the layout and content very nice, interesting, and easy to navigate. Your site is one of the few very interesting and informative sites I have seen in a long time, thank you. You have achieved the Gold status. Keep up the wonderful work. Yours in peace,
James Betts IV

Seasons of Change Award

Congratulations! Your web site has won our Gold Award! After reviewing your web site it was determined that the content, layout and navigation were excellent. You run an outstanding web site, one which you can be very proud of. Regards,
webmaster - www.candlecomfort.com

Gunners Bronze Award

Thank you for your interest in Gunners'AP. please find your "BRONZE" Award ! Congrats' ! If you choose to accept this prestigious Award please link it to Gunners' AP. I have added your web site to Gunners' Winner's List.
Your Award Master,

Teddy Bair Award

Congratulations! You have been awarded the Teddy Bair Award.

Award of Excellence

Congrats on winning our award,
You have a great website.
Thanks alot,
The Vicks

Karen Great Site Award
Karen's Great Site Award

Persoanl Site Award

Your site is very interesting and informative as well as easy to navigate. I hope you will accept the Fabulous Family Site award that is attached. Keep up the good work!
Karen Ianacone

Golden Brush Award

Congratulations, your site qualified for our Golden Brush Award.
Nicely done; best of luck to you. Shelley

Excellence Award

Dear Shaikh, Thanks so much for inviting us in to your world! We really enjoyed our visit and appreciated all the hard work you have done on your site. Please accept the two attached awards for your fine site. They are well deserved. Best Wishes,
Gene & Linda

Friendship Award

Allah doth wish to lighten your (difficulties): For man was created Weak (in flesh). Holy Quran - 4:28

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